Driver helping with a road supervisor.

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    Does that Pinwheel Maynard work for UPS?
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    That Tyler B guy is obnoxiously annoying
  3. A friend of mine was a driver helper/loader last peak and she got paid cover driver pay to help a supe run a route on a day that a lot of people called out.
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    I have done this many times especially during the great recession when UPS do not want to hire new drivers. Most of the time we would deliver to the sups home town about 30 miles from the center. I would drive the package car while he drove his personal car. Usually an 8 hour day so after deliveries I would do the pick ups and drive back while he went home for the day. He also bought lunch. One of the privileges of seniority.
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    Make sure if anyone gives you a tip for the holidays you pocket it for yourself. Don’t tell the regular driver, you’ll be a cover driver in no time this way!
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    I’ve seen my sups wife.

    Hard pass

    Bet she can cook though.
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    That pay stub made no sense. The guy was a seasonal package handler that made 40k by November 5th?
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    Ocean front property in Arizona?
    Certainly! Just add enough water...
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    You should get paid full time Driver Rate. Not what the supervisor makes. I actually did this a long time ago. It's how I started my progression. But I helped in the summertime not during peak. During peak they can pay you helper rate they can't pay you helper rate in the summer
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    Maynard is stupid.