1. cheryl

    Former Norton Air Force Base now logistics hub with UPS, FedEx and Amazon

    Former Norton Air Force Base now logistics hub with UPS, FedEx and Amazon - Stars and Stripes UPS. FedEx. Amazon. All three logistics giants have set root at San Bernardino International Airport in recent years, fulfilling a grand plan to transform the former Norton Air Force Base into an...
  2. BobTailing

    Feeder CPU local service area vs HUB

    Is anyone aware of any language in the contract about local service area CPU work for feeders being made by HUB feeder drivers instead of the local service area feeder drivers? I am a local cover feeder driver and my local service area just gained a large CPU account that has the work to create...
  3. L

    22.4 Hub or Center?

    I’m a 22.4 driver working at a Hub. I was wondering am I still Hub or am I Center now? I’m asking because I want to work more hours and management is restricting them. They want us working 6 days a week and not run out of hours. Union says I can only work the shift I came from, Twilight. I...
  4. myreqoil


    haven't had commit times on NDA at our building in weeks...this is my first year driving, just wondering why this is going on and how long will it last? forever hopefully 😁 anybody else's hub doing the same?
  5. S

    New package handlers questions

    Hi all, got some questions if you don't mind! Orientation in 2 weeks for Package Handler at a Hub, 10pm to 4am part time 1)What type of boots do you guys recommend I get? 2)Should I bring gloves? 3)When are breaks/bathroom breaks? Can you go whenever you want? 4)Any tips?
  6. U

    “On Call Feeder”

    Alright anyone got an answer for me on this one? I work at a fairly large hub and we have an on call feeder list. We’re told we have to answer our phones and/or call back within 15 minutes. If we don’t call back within 15 minutes we are put on the bottom of the on call sheet. *We’re also not...
  7. NS_Highlander

    Driver helping with a road supervisor.

    I was just watching a youtube video with this guy named "Maynard" and he stated that if you are helping a supervisor on the road that "you will make what he makes". Is this really true? He was referencing people who work in the "hub" and gave a scenario where if they went on the road and...
  8. cheryl

    UPS to pull trigger on new Visalia hub, 600 jobs

    UPS to pull trigger on new Visalia hub, 600 jobs - The Business Journal United Parcel Service (UPS) is moving forward on plans for its new Visalia distribution hub this month. Blueprints call for a 425,000 square foot facility expected to employ 600 people. Mayor Warren Gubler said he and...
  9. K

    IS 48 too old to start @ UPS?

    I'm healthy, active, and would want to work until 67. I'm in the interview process now, and keeping an eye on the strike. Any comments?
  10. B

    Will UPS ever rework their non rehire policies?

    I know it's a topic that comes up a lot, but how many people are fired because of an :censored: of a full-time sup didn't like a guy and whacked him on their last day of probation (like in my case) or they got fired only to have success at places like Amazon or Fedex who are a lot stricter imo...
  11. Oceanview

    3 month driver at my hub says he voted

    So let me give you my background Age:28 Ups:seniority 07-17-17 Prior to that 4 years with the #113 laborer Die hard Union, will only work union. So this new 3 month driver at my Midwest hub said he voted no on the strike authorization. At first I thought he was kidding around, and I...
  12. R

    Buffalo hub desperate for employees

    Hiring loaders and drivers ups cant seem to keep people. I see a new group of faces evey couple weeks then theyre gone. Why are people so damn lazy.
  13. Heffalump

    Looking to go into maintenance?

    I know there is a maintenance position open in my hub and I know they are union. Is there a specific way to transfer unions? Do they have the same benefits? Would anyone know any tests you would have to take? This is the option I presented a friend instead of going management.
  14. H

    When have i achieved seniority?

    I've been a preloader for 4 months and joined the union.. At what point have I achieved seniority?
  15. C

    I brought a no shave policy paper to my boss and he told me to relocate

    alright, so up until the point where I was hired as a part-time supervisor I have never shaved my beard, but to get straight to the point , I got a doctors note. After getting my note I brought it to my gateway manager, and he tells me I would have to work the same position (part- time...
  16. DoPushUPS

    Can a PT AM Loader sign a TDC sheet?

    I was a driver helper with one of the highest seniority drivers. He put in a good word for me and I accepted an offer for pre load. He knows I want to drive, and said he's still putting in a good word for me. He also told me no one is signing the sheets for driving jobs. I don't have my 30 days...
  17. PhatPattheRiverRat

    Question about friend/T Driving Position

    Before you start in on me: meant to write friend/T driver position on subject, not sure why I blanked out and wrote cover. Hey again all. So I have only been a local sort goon for all of 1.5 months at this point. Haven't signed any bid sheets yet because my buddy, a longtime driver said I need to...
  18. B

    Not allowed to Double Shift

    Starting back on August 1, 2014, My hub in Oklahoma City banned double shifting. The only double shifting that was allowed was preload and package pullers, is what I believe their position is called. So, except for peak season, no one on twilight or midnight is allowed to double on either shift...
  19. B

    Difference between an option day and personal day?

    I work in the Oklahoma City Hub and I get 28 hours for my option days plus one personal day. Is there really any difference between the two? Why not just give an extra 4 hours of option day time?
  20. B

    Part time employees jobs being eliminated by this proposed contract

    I just read briefly over the proposed contract. It appears that the union has decided to push even harder to create full time jobs. I can understand this to an extent. There are union employees that do not want to work full time. In fact this had been a great resource for people who are...