Driver in my building was involved in an accident and............

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    He wasnt even charged AND the next morning at the PCM management said he did EVERYTHING right!! yes, we were all shocked speechless

    The driver was parked infront of a storefront in a strip mall selecting packages for delivery. A driver in a small car while driving down the street was looking at her phone either texting or dialing and she crashed into the back of the package car. She wasnt wearing her seatbelt and suffered injuries serious enough to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. We were all happy when management clearly backed the driver,and one on car supervisor even rode with him the rest of the day because the driver was shaken up.
    Perhaps Management has changed their stand on blaming the driver regardless of the circumstances?
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    Not being blamed for a hit while parked is usually the way those go. Unless you block cars while there is an island area to block or a line of handicap spaces you really have to have bad luck to get blamed.
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    fat chance buddy. Wake up wake up I think you over slept its time to go too work.
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    no no no ,if it's a dream it's a GREAT dream!!
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    He must be going into management, the rules are different if your a want a be
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    I got hit while parked twice last year and wasn't charged with an accident either time... The first was considered unavoidable and the second was a hit and run.... I did all the investigating of the first one took pictures of where I was parked where woman talking on phone was parked and the damage to the bimbo's van pictures of no damage to package car. Got here information and sent it to my center manager... end of story..
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    Probably wanted to get everyone in a positive mood before he waddled back in the office and cut a route.
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    hahhahaa not this guy. i see your point but not in this particular situation
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    It's called double standards if you are a management suckup or wannabee and once you get to management it's Double Standards.
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    Not being charged is one thing but for them to come out and say he did "everything right" is unheard of. No one (hourly or management) has ever done "everything right" in the history of the company. I predict the "PCM management team" is in for a good old fashion ass whoopin lecture from higher ups if they actually made that statement.
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    UNless you have recorded video proof.....never happened!!
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    Whatever !!! (I mean this in the nicest way ).
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    Contract negotiations are near, maybe that has something to do with it.
  15. 728ups

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    All of us older drivers were commenting to the diver that NOBODY has ever been told they did everything right. He needed to go buy some Lotto tickets
    We have had a few changes in our management team since the first of the year,and I do believe we have gotten a good management team. The center manager's as well as the Oncar Supe's actions both surprised and impressed me
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    Did he reallly finish out the day after being involved in a car accident?
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    ...with an on-car on board...
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    yes he did.
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    4 or 5 years ago, I was on the safety committee and we were told that 40ish% of all crashes were ruled unavoidable. I said, "I find that shocking. I do not think I have EVER heard a supe talk about an unavoidable and what the driver did to ensure that what he did was safe." I went on, "If you want to increase your credibility, start telling us about ALL the unavoidables, how you determined that and then congratulate the driver for doing their job." (or something to that effect. I kind of went on a rant about it, the point is, they got the message that focusing on negative only was getting them nowhere.)

    Since that rant, we do hear about the unavoidables in our center and the 'victims' of those crashes are congratulated for doing their job in a way that made 'unavoidable' the ruling.

    I think our safety picture and attitudes would improve significantly if more of our unavoidables were celebrated.
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    It's happened to me 3 times in almost 25 years.


    Each time, IIRC, it was said that "our driver did everything right". Can't think that I will ever hear those words spoken again about ANY driver ANYWHERE.