Driver - laid off, "Work as Directed" = Driver Rate in Hub?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ya Dad, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Ya Dad

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    Before I went Feeders (and became DQ'd after "33" working days, see this thread), I was a PM Air Driver part-time. I did that for 4 years until my position was put up for a combo bid, and I was sent back to work inside. However, because I was a Bid Air Driver, they couldn't take my classification away from me.

    Since I was told to work as directed, wouldn't that mean it's not a layoff, and instead of getting my hub rate, I would get my driver rate for working inside since that's my classification?
  2. Just get over it
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    If you are laid off from driving, you might have an argument. But you would be better served asking a steward, or calling the union hall and asking for a business agent, than random information here.
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    99% of the time, your already-established base classification pay is what you should be making for any work you do anywhere, anytime if you're officially a PT or FT driver.
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    You get paid the job you work. Carry on.
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    When that happened to me I continued to make my air driver pay.
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    Wasn't you just an air exception driver, meaning you was never a permanent air driver? In that case, you will be paid your hub rate when you work in the hub.
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    Steal a package car and take the out the fuel pumps!
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    I was told by the hiring supervisor in HR when she looked up my classification that I was a "Bid Air Driver," and near "Current Pay Rate" on my checks was my air driver rate. When I was sent back to work inside, I would still get my air rate for option days, holidays and vacation/option weeks.
  10. PT Car Washer

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    At least until you are reclassified as a Hub employee.
  11. Ya Dad

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    Which they can't do because, according to our union contract, I am supposed to be returned to my previous position after being disqualified.