Driver Pay Scale?



Can anyone post the driver pay scale with the incremental raises, or direct me to where I could get a copy of "the language?" Thanks.


All full-time employees who have attained seniority as of August 1, 2002 will receive the following general wage increases:

August 1, 2002
Seventy-five cents per hour ($0.75)

August 1, 2003
Seventy-five cents per hour ($0.75)

August 1, 2004
Eighty cents per hour ($0.80)

August 1, 2005
Eighty cents per hour ($0.80)

August 1, 2006
Ninety cents per hour ($0.90)

August 1, 2007
One dollar per hour ($1.00)


If you want a copy of the language ask your steward for a contract book or go to your union hall and get one.

Up In Smoke

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Why don’t contracts run 6 years anymore?
Because the company benefits from longer contracts. Economic factors can change quickly, leaving the rank and file to suffer the most. There's a reason Saturday delivery, PVD, Sure Post, Smart Pickups, satellite routes, RA, AP, PAS and Orion all occured during contracts and not negotiated as part of a new contract. I'm quite sure the company has a number of new programs waiting in the wings for after contract ratification.