Driver trainee lay-off

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  1. I have 34 days in only 6 more days to make book. They told me to come back oct.15th drive during peak and by Jan-feb I should make book. I have option to go back to preload until then.
  2. Sounds like they just you around as a seasonal
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    Thanks for sharing
  4. Richard Harrow

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    Go back to the preload and stay there. If you need a full time job, start looking for one outside of the company.

    You cannot accrue any seniority after October 15th until (I believe) January 15th. They will work you like a rented mule over peak and then kick you back to the preload when the volume tanks. This happens to no less than a dozen people in my building every single year.

    If you absolutely need the money, then do what you have to do. But you've been warned.
  5. Johney

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    When did it change to 40 days to get seniority?
  6. BigUnionGuy

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    Was probably a seasonal/vacation replacement and didn't know it.

    That's why they want to bring him back, when the next free period begins.

    In some supplements, it's 40 days.
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    I wouldn't even waste my time.
  8. That's unfortunate
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    I just got hired as a feeder driver specialist know much about it please reply it’s nonunion how’s the benefits what are the hours
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    Try the scab forum.
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  11. Summit718

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    Is that the name of it or is that an abbreviation
  12. trickpony1

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    Is this the job training feeder drivers or the job in feeder dispatch just in time for peak?
  13. Summit718

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    Feeder driver
  14. BigUnionGuy

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    It's either an "on road feeder supervisor" or....

    But, could very well be training drivers for all the new sleeper runs.
  15. trickpony1

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    Trainer/ORS/dispatcher is my guess.
  16. barnyard

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    Those would have been fantastic questions to ask at the interview.
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  17. I was scratching with 160-190 stops done by 6:30 back in building by 7:00 I’m not going back to preload so I guess it’s bye bye ups
  18. UnconTROLLed

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    Hang on driving until about late November then hang it up ;)
  19. Trash Panda

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    Did you apply for a UPS Truckload ad? Those are non union feeder spots through contractors.
  20. Johney

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    The bennies you will have to pay for.
    The hours are weird, from what I've seen from non-union in the feeder dept is no sense of day or night. I've talked to my sup at all kinds of hours day or night. Not sure when the poor guy gets sleep. I may talk to him at 6am then he may text me at 12:00 pm while I'm sleeping, then call me at 3 am.