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    A driver at our center has had Type 1 diabetes and been taking insulin to control it. No problems at work because of the diabetes. He went to get his DOT card renewed and told the medical person that he was taking insulin. He is now on TAW until he gets a waiver. They told him 6 months for a waiver. But he also said that as a driver you cannot drive if you take insulin.

    Anyone know of other drivers that have faced this situation? Any recourse other than being permanent split shift worker if he can't drive again? It seems to me that the insulin he was taking controlled the issue and shouldn't be reason to take him off the road. Anyone??? He's a nice guy. Thanks.
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    I believe that there is a weight limit of the vehicle that drivers with Type 1 diabetes/insulin can drive. I think they can drive P-500, Sprinters or smaller package cars.
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    We have a guy in our building with Type 1, and Upstate is correct about the weight limit, the only vehicle he can drive is a sprinter van, so the only routes he can bid are ones that can fit into a sprinter. 500s are over the weight limit. Also you can take insulin but it has to be in pill form, if you need the shots to keep your sugar levels stable then you can't drive. The 6 month waiting period is to confirm that you can be stable with just the pills.
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    A driver in my center is on Insulin shots, and he still drives, and there are no limitations on the size vehicle he is allowed to drive. I'm not sure if he has Type 1 or Type 2, but not sure how much of a difference that would make.
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    We had two drivers just recently removed from service because their diabetes required shots to maintain. One was off and on duty for various health reasons and has decided to retire. The second will have to take a non-driving position.
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    Our guy would very interested to hear about this.
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    This is from the DOT website:

    Diabetes. If insulin is necessary to control a diabetic driver's condition, the driver is not qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce. If mild diabetes is present and it is controlled by use of an oral hypoglycemic drug and/or diet and exercise, it should not be considered disqualifying. However, the driver must remain under adequate medical supervision.
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    There are exemptions, and this link will give you an e-mail addy to ask questions (better than anyone on here, probably) :

    Insulin Diabetes and the CDL Truck Driver

    There still appears to be some confusion concerning whether or not persons with insulin diabetes are able to obtain a CDL license. For years, there was a ban that prevented those with diabetes who used insulin from driving commercial vehicles within interstate operation. However, in 2003, the FMCSA introduced the Diabetes Exemption Program which allowed individuals with insulin treated diabetes the ability to operate a CMV in interstate commerce.
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    Gee??!?!? You mean the same link that I posted? The second post in this thread. There ya go again. Have to be in the middle of everything. Go get a job.
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    So then package car drivers should not be affected by this since they are not required to have a CDL to drive.
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    Thanks for all the help. I will tell the driver where to look for more info. He already is talking about waiting six months so he must know about the exemption form. Damn, this is a real nice guy and I would hate to lose him as a driver.