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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Walrus, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Walrus

    Walrus New Member

    Still trying to get my foot in the door..there is a driver's helper position open in my area...would it be a good idea to go after it or wait until a drivers job comes up ?
  2. browned_out

    browned_out Member

    I would take the helper position, this is your foot in the door if your not already working there (can't tell by your post). Be ready to work hard and bring water (lots) and food/snacks for energy. If you do a good job for your driver he will most likely tell management and this will help in getting hired.
  3. #1angelfan

    #1angelfan New Member

    you have to start somewhere. you can't just walk of the street and become a driver. they might keep you around after peek if you let them know you are interested in staying on with the company.
  4. AirDriverAmy

    AirDriverAmy New Member

    I think you should take the helpers position. Your right, it gets your foot in the door. Good luck.
  5. lovetokayak

    lovetokayak Member

    Take the helper position. I did the same thing to get started. If they like how you work and you let them know you are interested in becoming a driver, you probably get a chance to be a seasonal driver in May.
  6. Brown too long

    Brown too long New Member

    A lot of years and never have I saw anything but abuse of driver helpers. Never has one ever become a driver or even repeated as a helper the next Xmas. Some are told to meet a driver in a city miles away, work 2 or 3 hrs and are dropped back off at their vehicle and are told we will call you next time we need you. Sit by your phone and wait. May be called next day, may wait several days. After Xmas they are history.
  7. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    you get your foot in the door by running your ass off, then never be seen again.:laugh:
  8. dirty moose

    dirty moose Member

    Last peak was my 1st peak season and i went thru 3 or 4 helpers. the 1st one i had was decent but i only had him for one day.

    the next 2 i had did nothing but complain and by the 3rd one all he did was talk talk talk but he worked (slow) and didn't complain.

    Its a ****ty position and your gonna get jerked around but it might get you in the company.

    good luck
  9. Golfnut54481

    Golfnut54481 New Member

    I started out as a helper and did it for two peaks. I drove as a seasonal for three free periods and was put on fulltime a week after the the last on. Sixteen years later I am still here...Would I do it again? Yes. It's up to you, but I enjoy working outside and I can deal with the three cold months to enjoy the summers....
  10. mgator39

    mgator39 Member

    I started as a drivers helper 16 years ago. If you work hard the driver ussually gives you a good recomendation. A preloader got hurt that Xmas season and here I am FT driver.
  11. BottomFeeder

    BottomFeeder New Member

    I would go ANYWHERE but UPS. They have ZERO respect for the rank and file and will lie to you non-stop. It's too bad because there are many, many great people working there. The corporate culture sucks...
  12. romulus

    romulus Monkey w/ a Gun

    I recommend trying for the helper position. Be on time every day you get to work and bust your tail. Impressing the coordinator will get you a good word in for when there is a p-t opening which is where most driver hires come from. Like you said, you want a foot in the door. :thumbup1:
  13. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how old you have to be to be a driver helper? My son wants to be my helper this year but he's 17.
  14. cafe surfer

    cafe surfer Guest

    I'm a TCD in line for a full time job and driver helpers do NOTHING but hurt me.........Our center uses them all through peak instead of the TCDs because it's "cheaper".......So, stead of driving everyday through nonpeak, I drive maybe 1 day a week through peak......It's not fair......They just load the drivers up with 50-60 more stops and send him a helper everyday......that stinks......
  15. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    Where I'm from, we get 200 to 300 more stops
  16. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    Yea, but you think it's a cake job, remember? It's really easy, remember? You can't figure out why so many complain, remember?
  17. Griff

    Griff Active Member

    Where are you from again? Running all day and break skipping land?

    The most I've ever heard of someone doing here is 523 stops. Is this guy a runner and break skipper or does he do the job the way he is payed to do it? I know him personally, take a guess, it's a really hard question.
  18. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    True, it is an easy job, gonna do a new route on Monday.
  19. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    Then I hope you get 600 stops at peak- you and VTBrown are what DS calls "package messiahs"
  20. Leftinbuilding

    Leftinbuilding Active Member

    So......will you be leaving us?