Drivers with shoulder and neck injuries from non-power steering vehicles

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dville, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Hi I`m a full-time Driver of 22 years. As of Feb 2006 my statious became disabled. I was driving a P-500 when this accured. My accidental injury was a full rotator cuff tear to my left shoulder. A P-500 vehicle is also the cause of accidental injuries to my right shoulder and neck in Dec 2003. This type of vehicle, non-power steering, non-power brakes, streight-shift, old rundown, may be linked to pain in your hands and fingers (carpal-tunnel syndrome). Our jobs are demanding enough without adding the worry of the vehicle you are driving being a hazzard to your health. Anyone else feeling my PAIN???
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    Yes. Been gone three years, but still in pain every day.

    A bit of advice, get the best workers comp lawyer in your state, you'll need him. Do whatever it takes to get in the minimum time required to collect a pension. If this means going in and working a couple of days a year to get credit, do it.

    UPS will deny any and all repetitive motion injury claims. They will attempt to starve you out. They will hire private investigators to follow you. They will postpone court dates to prolong your agony.

    Good luck, you'll need it.
  3. you can get the info you need to push.The company has a protocol in print 90lbs manual 45lbs power on there steering. take it from me 2 torn rotators, 2 broken collar bones, and 1 broken biceps tendon.I was threatened because i bent a steering wheel. 5 dvir s from other drivers sounded to much like a trouble in my dismisal
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    First and foremost get a credited Orthopedic doctor/surgeon. He will override any general physician. They fixed my C.P. without any trouble after I did all the testing they asked. My shoulder they drag their feet on but gave in after the specialists they sent me to gave me tighter restrictions than my Doc, Do`h!. 18 mths out but came back with no further trouble, 75k settlement on the arm.
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    The exact opposite thing happen to me. I am a 20yr driver. Everytime I moved my left arm I could hear and feel grinding at the shoulder joint. If I extended my left arm and tried to grab something behind me the pain was sharp and my grasp was weak. I was driving a P32, then they sent down an old P5 because the roads I drive on beat the heck out that P32. After one week of having to muscle the steering wheel I realized I had no more pain in my shoulder. I assume, I broke lose some calcium deposit or what ever was causing the pain and the grinding. Now I just look at it as a good upper body workout.
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    I have only been around UPS for 5+ months but have been driving a P5 the entire time. Could this be the reason my hands hurt? Especially my right hand, in particular the knuckle at the base of the pinky finger. For the past 3 or 4 weeks, every morning when I wake up that finger is locked in the closed position and I have to force it open.

    I leave my hand under the hot running water in the bath tub for about 30 seconds and this really seems to help. But the pain never goes away fully, no matter what I try. It's starting to worry me a bit.
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    If you noticed the steering wheel is not centered on your body when sitting down. The steering wheel is usually more toward your right.
    I just mention this so you are aware that you are not giving the steering the equal amount of pressure from both hands.
    The p-5's also have a slightly different steering wheel that is almost like a buses. You might have the seat to low and this is causing your finger too much strain when pulling the steeing-wheel towards yourself.
    I suggest you take the car to the shop and have them raise the seat 1 notch to start. To raise or lower the seat on the older cars is done by removing a bolt on the seat-post. Going up might relieve some straighn from your finger.
    To raise or lower the seat is 1 of the bad designs of the older cars. It makes it impossible to adjust the seat up or down without tools.
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    "Do you stretch it everyday?"

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    ......a little humor does a person good!
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    I am recooping from my second shoulder repair, rotator cuff and biceps tendon. After 28 years, I now look back at all the jerking on bulk head doors that didn't work right, moving packages to the ready area with my arm above my shoulder, loading heavy bundles over my head, to steering package cars and then feeders without power steering. They have more money for lawyers than I do so at this point I just turn it into our insurance and go on disability. I got tired of fighting with them to get care and pain relief.
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    Good God!!!! Feeder trucks don't have power steering??? How much money did the company save by not having power steering in ANY of the trucks? How many shoulders have been strained, torn, etc. by this one decision? I had several injuries in my late 40's, early 50's and was mocked for all the time I had to take off. Now I see that those that mocked me now entering into their late 40's. early 50's are having similiar injuries. We the workers are just a statistic to UPS. Sorry about sounding so maudlin, but I just got home after a Christmas load and am sore. Am icing my knee now.
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    Amen sister!
    The feeder trucks DID NOT have power steering until approximately 1991 or 92, somewhere in that time frame.
    Imagine how many shoulders got torn up in that time.
    I realize there are some young, innocent, wide-eyed and bulletproof posters here that can't magine ever having anything happening to them and will deny that the company would ever do such a thing.
    I'm just speaking from personal observation.
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    I heard they used to save $18 having the power steering in a package car deleted for credit when they bought it.

    Cheapest ship in the shipping business....
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    Having a bad day or a bad night?
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    I thought all that physical activity would help. Not only does your stamina go up when physically active, you're too busy to even think of that kinda stuff. Keeps the hands off :wink: