Driveways are Intersections, All intersection accidents are avoidable!

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    Because a driveway is considered a private road it is considered an intersection to UPS. All intersection accidents are avoidable according to UPS no matter who is at fault. Discipline leading up to termination is the policy on avoidable accidents at UPS. My question? Can someone here or at UPS provide a chart estimating reaction and stopping distance based on package car speed(the speed limit) and sight(how many feet from the blind spot in driveway for the car to enter road(intersection). Basically I would like to know what the estimated speed the UPS driver should slow down to before passing a driveway. For example: UPS car is going 45mph on straight dry level road. Driveways have 20 ft from road to blind spot in driveway. Lets assume a car driving(at 10 mph) out to enter main road without looking for oncoming traffic. What speed would I slow down to clear this driveway to avoid a possible accident. I realize many factors go into account when estimating this. Im just looking for a estimated baseline. Why am I asking this? because our jobs are at risk without the proper info.
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    I have know clue
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    There are too many variables to give you the information that you are looking for. Keep your head on a swivel, expect the unexpected and you should be fine.
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    Avoidable or not, you still get paid the same tomorrow.
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    no joke I hit a tree in my own driveway and they counted it as I think its true
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    You can be charged with an "avoidable accident" for farting.

    There is no contractual right to any sort of safe driving awards or recognition, so the company is free to "charge" anyone with anything, any time.

    At such time as disciplinary action is considered by the company, then each case will be decided on its own merits thru the grievance procedure.
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    Just remember, based on a different thread that you use your horn at every intersection. That means every driveway you come up to you should be using your horn.
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    Maybe we could have the mechanics wire the horn so that it is always on....

    Think how safe everyone would be!
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    After reading your post my first question was ...How do you drive your personal vehicle? Do you get in an accident every time you are in your own vehicle when you pass a drive way? Is that something that you worry about in your personal vehicle?

    I think you had a whole different agenda when you posted your "question"!

    If you are that "concerned" about driveways being intersections, maybe you should do something different other than driving a UPS vehicle.
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    Dear Lifer,
    Thank you for your advice. I will give UPS my two week notice of departure in the morning. 29 years are enough. Take care