Driving vs. Management. Don't know what to do.

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    Well I've been working at UPS for 5 years, loading mainly. I didn't expect to be here this long so I never really gave much thought to my career path. Well now I'm looking towards some kind of advancement but I'm discovering I really don't know much about it. I could easily go ahead get a part-time supervisor job but I thinking maybe it would be smarter to look into driving, since I've already put in 5 years, I don't think I'd have to wait much longer. Thing is, I'm not sure If I'd enjoy driving or not, it would certainly require more of my time. Can someone please tell me what I can expect as far as pay and benefits for pt supervisor vs. driver? Don't drivers make a lot more? Also, if I do decide to take a management position, does that mean I can't ever change my mind and be a driver? or vice versa? Any thoughts/opinions would be much appreciated.
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    Is that a joke? I don't understand.
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    It was a joke.

    If you want a taste of what driving is like, sign up to be a Peak helper this year.
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    Driving would be about 3x Pt management pay, about twice the hours. Benefits are better for drivers. You probably will not enjoy driving. If you take mgmt job,very difficult to become driver.
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    Hmmm. It seems like, on the one hand I can get a job tomorrow which is fairly similar and I know exactly what to do, but I'm getting only a modest pay bump and reduced benefits, not to mention wasting all those years of seniority I've acquired. On the other hand, I can go for this other job, that I'll get at an indefinite time in the future, that will take all of my time, but I'll be set financially. And whichever decision I make is final. Man I hate having to make grown-up choices.
    If I put in a bid for driving now, I won't be at the bottom of the list right? Is the position in line determined solely by seniority?
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    If you want a pension, stay in the union.
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    Your income will swing pretty drastically from year to year considering overtime and injuries. In the last 10 years or so I've had some 70K years and I've had some 90K years. Most drivers don't touch the 90K marker as it comes with significant overtime. You'll only be set financially if you make it through 25+ years of driving and you are somewhat sophisticated financially. I've known plenty who burned out around the 10-15 year marker. I've also known plenty of 25-35 years of service guys who :censored2: it all away and need to work in retirement. I never thought I'd be as high as I am on the seniority list, there has been so many drivers who have come and gone. All I can tell you is there is a night UPS and a day UPS and the two operations are quite literally night and day.

    You will be at the bottom of the seniority list for whatever center you get assigned to once you pass driving test, class, etc. You will need to pass your 30 day qualifier as a F/T driver to make the bottom of the seniority list. Unless it has changed over the years you must be accident and injury free during those 30 days and it must be 30 consecutive working days and you must demonstrate that you can perform scratch or better (good luck). If you fail your 30 day trial, you will be thrown back into P/T rank and will need to wait 1 calendar year to reapply.

    I had a chance to get into management years ago and I'm glad I turned it down. I work 15x harder for my money than I would have had to if I would have gone into management but I wasn't raised to be a thief or a liar, so management wasn't a good fit for me.
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    Dont go into management. search on some of the past threads.
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    I will say that most drivers don't hate delivering. Of course there are some guys who hate delivering but from what I seen they are a smaller percentage. When I started driving I couldn't believe I was getting paid so well for driving around delivering packages. I like delivering... I just get sick of the excessive O.T.. If you are close to getting a full-time job I would wait for it. Most of us who started out part-timers worked 2 or more jobs to pay the bills so you are prbly used to working long days. Keep an eye on the seniority list to see how many co-workers you are behind for FT opportunity and how many of them plan to take it. There have been a few guys who were PT cover drivers who took management positions one full-time and one part-time. They were both a long wait from getting a shot at FT driving so they went into management. They both had families to support so they did what they had to do. If I were you I'd hold out for FT driver.
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    I really appreciate the input here. I'm really only now considering a career at UPS, up till now its just been a job, so I'm pretty ignorant as to all this.

    I've been working on the midnight shift this whole time which works for me because a. I don't like sunlight b. I don't like traffic c. I don't like people. Starting to understand while I'm hesitant about driving? Yeah, well, that being said, I don't think I should completely rule it out. I don't mind hard work and I'm thinking getting into management there would be a lot of office politics and b.s., and I hate drama, I prefer to just punch in, do my job, and punch out.

    Sounds like, correct me if I'm wrong, most of you guys are drivers, is there anybody from management on these boards?
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    I'm in management. It sounds like you don't like all the things that management entails and my advise is to go the path that you will be the happiest in.
    Money is not that important once you get enough to take care of the basic needs. Making more money is a trap in a way.
    Being in management at UPS is not a means to accumulate wealth like it was in the past.
    Most drivers like their jobs until they hit their 40's. Live within your means and sock away as much money as possible so you will have options later on in life and also, regardless of the previous post, at your age, you should assume that a Teamster pension or UPS pension will be a small part of your retirement funding.
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    Driving !!1 Try it out for a while,if you don't like it put letter in for On / Car sup.....Also keep in mind (at least in my local ) Your part time seniority is only good for vacation weeks ! A full time driver with less years at UPS than you ,BUT >>>>> more full time yrs than you has more seniority than you for vacation picks and route bids !! example... Bill starts at UPS in 2000 as a prt timer ,,goes full time in 2004 ........ Joe starts in 2001 and goes full time in 2003 joe is senior man !! at least thats how it is in my local
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    I have worked at ups for 28 years started part-time for 5 years followed by full time driver for the last 23. My advice for you is to look for another job with a different company. UPS does not give a :censored2: about you its all about cutting routes and employees. I am lucky I only have a few years left to retirement but if I knew then what I know know I would have definetly chosen a different career path with a different company.
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    Wow I have been there about the same amount of time you have and I really have a different perspective on it.

    I never expected them to care about me. The only thing I expected was a paycheck at the end of every week for the work I do for them. At the end of the day I feel I have been compensated fairly and have been an asset to the company.

    The warm and fuzzy you can have , just pay me.

    As far as the original poster I think the main difference is that driving is more physically demanding but when you park that package car at the building you are done for the day.

    It seems like management is never really off the clock and they are often on the hook for things they can't really control.
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    Honestly this is a tough one to call.
    { management }
    The company is always looking for new people to go into mgt, because so many quit or just get used up.
    If you enjoy screwing with peoples lives then this should be your path, but be warned as you advance others that you consider as co-workers and friends will be looking for you to fail in order to advance themselves, this never ends.
    { hourly employee }
    You will be required to put in many years at hard, grueling work before you have enough time in to acquire a "easy ride ". But you get to enjoy seeing the constant turn over of others that went into mgt and then one day they are just no longer there.
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    Right now management seams like a natural choice for me because:
    -It's a promotion a can get immediately, where as driving I may have quite a while still to wait
    -The hours are about the same
    -I'd be working with the same people
    -It's a job I know I can do and do well (That doesn't mean I want to be a career jerk, it just means I know want the job entails and I know I can do that, I've known plenty of supervisors that were perfectly nice guys)

    My main motivation for driving is money/benefits. There are lots of things about the job I'm apprehensive about.
    Plus it seems like a waste to work as an hourly for 5 years only to take a pt supervisor job, a job I could have got after a year, if a driving job may be just around the corner.

    I just wish it didn't seem like whatever choice I make, was for the rest of my life.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you do wish to make UPS your career and driving is your ultimate goal you should stay where you are. If you do become a PT supervisor and then want to drive you will be the 1 in the 6:1 ratio of inside/outside hires and you may be passed over by current co-workers who have less seniority than you.

    Don't worry--the rest of your life will fly by and you will be retired before you know it.