DS rats on Arnie


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Aw c'mon DS, the governator loves a good cigar. I wish they'd jump on drugs as fast as they jumped on an illegal cigar.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, Arnie !!!:thumbup1:


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At least he got it in Canada. I have recently noticed these Hollywood types going down to Cuba and hanging out with Castro................and lets not forget the ones cozying up to Chavez down in Venezuela.:ohmy:


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Sounds to me like he wanted a Cuban cigar, bought it in Ottawa, was on his way to Vancouver Canada - I'm guessing. So he may never have left Canada to smoke his Cuban.

That Cuban may never have made its way to the USA.

Give Arnold a break, I think he's got integrity and does a good job in CA.

Not to mention, he's part of the Kennedy family, and I don't think he would ever do anything, to the hand that fed him. Although a Republican in a Democrat family.

Just my opinion - I don't live in CA


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Come on DS,

My impression of you is that you're close to being

Very Close...

So give the Arn a break, man, and tell me you've never added an attraction to a job application, enhanced a tax return, and that as a dumb kid, you never cut class and that you and Slick Willy were the only ones on the planet who never inhaled....

Let those without sin cast the first stone....