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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tieguy, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. tieguy

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    Motorweek this week doing a special on DTS or driver trainer school in south holland Illinois you might find interesting. I know in my case its the toughest class I went through at UPS and all around as tough as anything I went through in the military.

    link to their website:

  2. upsdude

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    Hey Tie,

    I saw that about a month ago, looked like a tough class.
  3. oper8tor

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    I just attended class 7 this October. Whipped my butt. It sure feels good to be a qualified trainer.:devil3:
  4. happy harry

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    Very good and informative article.
  5. xDELETEDx

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    Ever been in a dropframe? Ha

    That's a pretty cool article though. A 400 point inspection? Jeez, that's better than Acura dealerships.
  6. local804

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    I hear there is a high percentage of failure in this class. Did you?
  7. rushfan

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    I also saw the segment about a few months ago. I was trained in feeders right after my trainer went to DTS. So I too was expected to inspect my equipment the same way. I still do, and was told my pretrip is taking too long.

    My trainer said failure is high there, and when he graduated it was as if a weight was lifted off of him, and was glad it was over. I guess it is some badge of honor at UPS to be one of the select few to graduate from DTS.
  8. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Qualified. Failure rate generally higher when the trainer is not well prepared before going.
    You have to work hard at it before you go and even harder when you get there. The best ups school I ever went to and the most challenging.
  9. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    should read well prepared....:blushing:
  10. typicalunionslugs1

    typicalunionslugs1 Typicalunionslugs1

    I qualified last April with Tom Brokop. The class is not that tough if your well prepared.