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    Do any of you drivers known anybody that got a dui and was discharged because they weren't able to get their license back within a year.
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    Yes, we have had two drivers terminated withing the last year for getting a second DUI, here in Oregon if you get 2 DUI's in a 10 yr period your license gets revoked for 5 years.
    We also had a guy who was cited for DUI and decided he woldnt take the breathalyzer test because he wanted to fight it in court. In Oregon, refusal to take a breathalyzer is an automatic 1 yr license suspension, and when this guy called the union and found out that he would lose his job, he went ahead and pled guilty to DUI so that he could go into diversion and get a work license and keep his job.

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    I got my dui on Dec 16, 2006. My license was supposed to be suspended for 6 months starting on Jan.1,2007 til July 31, 2007. During that time I worked inside the buliding. I went to court on April 13 and plead guilty. A couple weeks later I get a letter saying my license is being revoked. I called the Secratary of State to see if they made a mistake, they told me it wasn't and that I had to wait til Jan. 31, 2008 to reinstate it. So i worked inside til that date. I tried to get my license back and got denied. So i tried again and got denied. Ups told me that I had til April 13, 2008 to get my license back or discharged. So I tried again and still got denied. April 13 passed and I called my boss and he told me I was discarged. I called my union steward and he told me that Ups should send me a letter of discharge. That never came I called the union steward and he filed a grievance. On April 20 I called my lawyer and told him what happened. Two days later my license was reinstated and that the state revoked it in error.
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    I suggest you privately beg for your job back. And hope you learned your lesson.
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    1st lesson: don't get a DUI

    2nd lesson: Get a lawyer much faster. Sounds like you went a year without a license that you should have had.

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    I learned my lesson big time. Finding another job that pays good is hard. I hope the union could help me get it back, but I doubt it.
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    dont drink and drive and you will have no problem

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    I went to a hearing panel on Thursday. It was a deadlcked decision. Ups tried to argue that because I didn't have my license within the one year I shouldn't return to work. The union tried to argue if the Secretary of State didn't revoked my license by mistake I would have had my license within the one year deadline.
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    If you can prove the state screwed up then you should be ok.
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    I showed the panel all my papers. I had the letter of suspension, the revocation and a paper saying the revocation was rescinded. They still kept giving me a hard time with all the questions they were asking. The union steward and me had to explain it a couple times that the state made a mistake. Each of them had copies of the papers and they still didn't understand it.
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    or they understood, but are not interested in bringing back a DUI.

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    I agree, Tea Totalers don't get DUI's.

    If what you state is fact, keep fighting. If you really want your job back, plead for it, and when you get it back, don't do this again! Ever!!!

    True, because the likelihood of you doing this again is really high. We had a guy that was a walk in driver. Drove during peak and they kept him on afterwards. Got a DUI just after his 30 days. Worked in building for 6 mos and drove again. He eventually went out on comp and took a low settlement. If you do get your job back, squirrel, you'll have to put up with the scrutiny that comes with the mess that was made. Don't let it push you over the edge and you'll do fine. Good Luck!
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    In my building there is a full time preload, full of drivers who have DUI's.
    That is one of the benefits here. Lose your license & continue working inside.
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    If you loose your job get a lawyer and sue the state!
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    I'm not too sure the DUI really has anything to do with it except it is the "excuse/reason" they are using. It really seems that UPS managers are really big on firing people and take every chance they see. Then when it comes panel time the first one (for sure) and the second are bound and determined to back up the center manager. My perspective from observance.
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    Are you 705 by any chance? I was at panel here on thursday and this same case was heard. The attorney already has it for arbitration, just hang in there.
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    Yes sir, that was me.:happy2:
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    good thing you didnt kill anyone, than you might of got a slap on the wrist!:angry:
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    Yet another case of PWT--Posting Without Thinking.