Dumbestest thing a driver has done?

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    Other than my spelling

    We had an air driver disappear. He did his pre-load job during peak and they started him at midnight. After pre-load finished they sent him to the airport to get some late airs. No one thought about him until about 10:00pm that night. Started calling his wife, family, and friends. no one knew where he went. Supps called police. Around 11:00 pm he shows up at the center (police there taking statements from management and his wife etc.) He decided he would del. all the late airs by himself, because he wanted more hours. Never told anyone and no one cared until late that night. He work 23hrs that day. Didn't get fired, but he did get the next day off since he worked so many hours.:thumbup1:
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  2. over9five

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    PM air driver does his meet point with the other air drivers, and takes everyones airs to the airport.
    Almost back to the building realizes he forgot to unload his totes. Returns to airport and leaves his (full) totes at the recovery point. No ones there, of course, and the plane is long gone.
    Tells no one at all. Of course they find his airs the next day,see that he punched out an hour and a half later than usual. He admits it, and gets fired.
  3. scratch

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    We used to have this guy, "Red" we called him, who was a swingdriver about ten years ago. He was a semi-professional Bass fisherman, sponsored bass boat, gear, etc., so he would "run" the routes and skip lunch to get off early. We all know the type.

    During Peak Season, he decides to take a leak beside his Package Car in a lady's driveway. He did this in broad daylight, even though there was a public bathroom in a convenience store about 500 yards away. The lady calls in a complaint and he gets fired for exposing himself.

    A few months later, the union gets his job back through arbitration. He hooked up a TP-60 to pull back to the building one night. Somehow he ran over something and had two flat tires on one side of the trailer. Instead of waiting for a mechanic to come fix them, Red pulls this trailer about ten miles up the Interstate back to the building. The wheels were almost completely wore off, another driver behind him was amazed at the fireworks show. He got fired again, this time it stuck. I hope he did well in his Fishing Tournament!
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    He was just trying to run good numbers which is the most important thing, you know.
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    Sheeting all my apartment stops NI1, scanning the delivery notices, not placing them to the door. Instead he throws them in my package car. I show them to the center manager, who doesn't do a thing.
  6. DS

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    We had a feeder truck bound for Halifax that somehow ended up in Vancouver before the mistake was caught.Thats coast to coast .
  7. retired2000

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    we use to deliver the new phone books for the phone co. we had a driver that got rid of his by throwing them in a snow bank. this worked until the snow melted. he was gone by the time summer came around.
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    Had a new hire trying to make his 30 days, put pkgs in a dumpster and then went back and del them on the weekend.:cool:
  9. idrivethetruck

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    Had a driver years ago "relieve" himself behind a bush in front of a "mirrored" wall. Turned out the mirror was really a window and the lady on the other side of the window wasn't too impressed with the view!! Driver didn't get fired, but caught hell for his actions.
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    The driver could not get his air box open, he tried to contact the center for the longest time and as usual no reply. So he picked up the box and put it in his package car and brought back to the center.
    NO SERVICE FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbup1:
  11. Hangingon

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    We had a Christmas driver one year that was doing awesome numbers. Then we started to get inundated with DDFU's on his route. Followed him and turned out he was stopping at his house in the morning and emptying half the truck into his garage, sheeting them as DR'ed then going out on the weekend with his wife and trying to deliver them. Needless to say he was never able to catch up, and he was actually relieved when LP caught him.
    This wasn't a driver, but I had a helper show up in high heels and a miniskirt one year. Any other time of the year I would have been excited, but the only thing I was thinking was hoping she could run in those spikes.
  12. over9five

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    "So he picked up the box and put it in his package car..."

    You must work with me, that happened here!
    At the time, a sup asked me what I thought of it, and I said, "You should give him a raise".
  13. scratch

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    We had somebody do this too. Well, your not supposed to miss a Pickup....
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    those letter boxes are heavy. I helped a fellow air driver slide a box into a p500 and I followed him to the air port, we called ahead, told them to have tools ready. the lock was not working, we peeled the back off pretty easily using a crow bar. Got letters out just before plane left, no service failures, just a few wet letters with that windex stuff.
  15. Adino

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    Now that is hardcore.
  16. toonertoo

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    It must happen everywhere as it happened at the center I used to work at also. Darn thing was frozen shut, and frozen in the ground. I never found out if there was anything in it, but he made service!!!
  17. DS

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    I didn`t want to start a whole new thread about the dumbest things that preloaders do,so I`ll just post it here.Years ago I had an area that included a mall.I had a brand new preloader and every day for about 2 weeks my stop count was about 40-50 stops over what the stop count sheet said I had.After calling for help every day I finally got a chance to talk to him,he thought the mall was one stop.
  18. retired2000

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    we had a driver that had a betting problem. was in over his head to a bookie. so he beat himself up one day in the back of his package car and told the police that someone robbed him. when all was said and done he was let go.
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    This was not a driver at the time, but later became a driver. He started as a PM loader. Way back when we had Z frame trailers, we just started loading the new H frame trailers. This guys is pulling and load his trailer off a belt near the end of the belt. He comes running up the belt looking for a load stand. This guy was 6'5", we asked him why he needed a load stand. He said so he could reach the top. We ran down to take a look at he was doing. He had forgotten to put down the shelves of the H frame trailer and was loading from the floor to the ceiling.:lol:
  20. We had a manager that took a feeder load to Harisburg Pa. rail yard. He got lost, then came up to a low overpass. He just got back from DTS school and he was trained that DOT always puts a lower height sign on overpasses. Well he got half way thru then he got stuck. It was a one way street and he had traffic backed up for 10 blocks. Pa. State Police was called and he told them the story about DTS school. The police wrote him 2 tickets. Then they made him lower the tire pressure to continue. When got to the rail yard he missed the train. News travels when he got back to the building, he had a sign over his office door Low Bridge Ahead.