Earning Potential for Part-time Supervisors?

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    Hi everybody, I'm new to the forums here since I am a recent hire at UPS (well sort of, I worked as a driver helper back in 2012). I have taken an offer to become a part-time supervisor (haven't taken the test yet though) since the benefits and pay are a match for my needs. Although I'm not expecting to go back to school until 2015, this leaves a lot of time for me to knock some of those student loans out. My question is, given the opportunities for potential overtime, what can a part-time supervisor expect to make in a year assuming they took on all the overtime that was offered? Also, is overtime something that part-time sups compete over? Obviously this differs from hub to hub, but I work in the main hub for my area of the state. Can anybody offer some insight on this who may have experience? What are some of the rules and stipulations to this and some other things I should look out for? I appreciate your input. (sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, if I did please don't knock me I'm a newbie here)
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    Must have a lobotomy and wear tights.Pay would be in marbles.Membership to the jelly of the month club.
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    What the heck is a "labodome"?
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    [quot. hav"UpstateNYUPSer, post: 1338497, member: 12570"]What the heck is a "labodome"?[/quote]
    Might hav mispelled?
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    WHat the heck Is Labodome?lol
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    I would recommend not doing it. It is literally the worst job at UPS. You are going to do it anyways though just like everyone else I warn. Just because you get to wear a polo and khakis. You are going to be at the bottom of the totem pole. They are going to treat you terribly. Honestly if you just stay an hourly you will have a lot less stress, and a lot more freedom than you would if you are a part time sup. They literally take anyone that will do it, so it's not like they hand selected you because you are special. You might not want to stay for long at UPS but what if a sweet job spot opens up later on, and you could have done that, but you blew it because you are a part time supervisor.

    Read more: http://www.browncafe.com/community/threads/becoming-a-supervisor.356094/#ixzz33mUGT2pX
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  7. cachsux

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    Take the hours you'll work and the money you'll make and it ends up being less per hour than a PTimer.

    Being treated like crap is the sprinkles on that sundae.
  8. DumbTruckDriver

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    Earning potential? You will quickly earn the hatred and mistrust of the hourlies. It's just part of the job.

    I wasn't aware that p/t supes were eligible for overtime.
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    PT Supervisors are salaried at 27.5 hrs/week and anything over 27.5 hours in a week is OT. However, holidays don't count towards their hours and this results in the company doing shady things like forcing sups to stay over and work on the following shift in order to clean up from post-holiday volume without paying OT.

    Outbound PT sups probably get some overtime. It depends on where they are in the operation and what time of year it is.. more often than not, they're told they'll be fired if they get overtime/get more than a certain amount per week and are often encouraged not to report their actual hours worked in order to avoid discipline.
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    How about the PT sups that come in 4 to 5 hours a night and are still paid their 27.5 hours a week? Not saying they are making bank but even after paying for their own benefits they are making more then hourly PT for the first few years. I agree the PT sups management team can make their life hell if they want to.
  11. Brownslave688

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    Our night OMS leaves at 9 almost every night and refuses to stay after 9:30 because she's not paid to stay any longer.
  12. Cementups

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    There is no potential in PT supervision.

    PT supervision =

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  13. Wally

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  14. BrownChoice

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    The Original Poster probly thought he was special because was "picked" for management. It amazes me why they dont ask themselves why anyone who has years with this company stays in the union.

    I guess they are special though. Specially picked to get back handed ASAP. Have fun doing the worst job ever at this company without any kind of thank you or having gratification of your job for the rest of your years with UPS.

    All I, or anyone on BrownCafe can say is get the resume experience while going to college and get the FU$& out as soon as flippin possible!
  15. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Pt sup position is so bad that hourlies almost feel bad for them. So.......that's pretty bad.
  16. YoungBlood

    YoungBlood New Member

    I'm glad you feel that way and are assuming things about my intent. No, I don't believe I was "hand-selected" to do the job, but like I said, the benefits match my needs. I don't have years to wait in part-time work with my financial demands of just having gone to school for four years. Having supervisory experience in a unionized fortune 500 company with all the goodwill UPS has built and the fact that they are paying for grad school, I have absolutely no qualms about the "abuse" I've been reading about. On top of which your insinuation that I haven't asked myself why people have worked there for years and don't go supervision is stupid since anybody with a primary school education can tell why it would be better in the union. I've paid union dues and have worked in another plant making gobs more money than I ever will for the next few year, but I'm not interested in a job simply because of the pay and retirement benefits. There's a lot more to consider especially considering my age.
  17. YoungBlood

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    I appreciate everybody's warning about the pt sup position being a dead-end and not as sweet as union. I can't agree more at least considering long-term earning potential within big brown. Still, if somebody has any input on the original point of my post since it wasn't a naive cry for help (as some may be led to believe) and a genuine inquiry, I would appreciate it.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Is there really a need for her to stay after 9:30, other than during Peak?
  19. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    As in are there still drivers out? Yes almost every night.
  20. tadpole

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    They won't let pt sups have any overtime here, except for rare circumstances.