Easy math for retro check estimation!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Benben, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Lmao actually yea! My wife started listening to him so we started doing the snow ball effect and paid a lot off and now she’s all into and we have a month budget we set and it’s been going great.
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    For the average preloader/sorter getting only the GWI, I try not to think about my lowly check. A new hire off the street having worked 100 hours less than myself is still due to make $700 more than myself.

    They can sit out a whole month away from ups and still walk with more.

    I do think my workplace has more new guys than veterans so the push out is all too real.
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    I've kept track of mine on a weekly basis. I run sleepers and currently in my final year of mileage progression. I've got figures for sleeper singles, sleeper doubles, 6 day brown truck single and doubles, 7 day brown truck single and doubles, sleeper 6 day single and doubles, as well as 7 day sleeper single and doubles. I worked every extra day possible through peak and the most they owe me, for one week, in back pay is almost $700.00. I'm currently at a little over 13k and currently letting them get intrest on a little more than $360 a week.
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    @BigUnionGuy possisible class action lawsuit over interest on our $$$$????????????
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    If you’re making less then $13/hr you still get bumped to $13 minimum.

    Many in my building with under 1 year making $10.35/hr to start. $2.65/hr difference to the $13, $10.60/4hr day. $53 per 5 day week, $1,431 for 27 weeks.

    Even those at year 2 will get about $1,000.
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    Yup many in our building too. But the ones out here who were hired after May 2017 are getting a $200 a week bonus too. So say they are at $10.35 an hour September of 2018. They will be getting $2.65 for every hour they work in back pay..Part timer inside employees are making BANK out here.
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    Don’t you hate the union?????
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    Got my retro check today---------$8,750----nice!!!
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    0:26 is epic
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    Looking at a $6.86 per hour retro check. If we’re waiting past May it’ll be $8.74 per hour. Past may 2020 $13.29 per hour. I’d rather get that money as I earn it rather than as a lump sum taxed to death later but I’m settled in to wait.
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  14. It would be nice if they gave us the option to put the retro check in our 401k
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    We should file a wage claim form with department of labor. In masses
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    Your joking I hope taxes on that are almost 45% I'm sure. We definitely need some sort of bonus because of high taxes and interest we all lost. I'm so lazy now I almost don't deserve a retro check.
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    What supplements are left that aren't ratified? I have no idea at this point. Lol.
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    Central Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania, Local 804, and Local 243 Metro Detroit.
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    The final 4!!! Let's turn this into a March madness bracket and place bets on the last outstanding supplement.
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    I'll say local 804 ends up being last.