Embrace The Reality of FedEx Express

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    I think that a lot of employees aren't seeing the forest for the trees at FedEx right now, so if you think that you're a Courier, RTD, or handler (the most numerous job classifications) who is going to get a buyout...get real. Right now they are targeting the dead wood in Memphis, high-salary managers, and some admin/office types, not operations personnel. Fred needs you to keep his Money Machine rolling, at least until he gets E2 and XS switched over to Ground. Then, you'll either be a "full-timer" with 32-35 hours per week, or a true part-timer at right around 17.5 hours per week. No overtime, reduced benefits, and not much income.

    The "new" Express is highly likely to be an all-overnight operation, with FO, PO, and SO only. That means that the bulk of Express routes will be finishing at 1500 local each and every day. Sure, there will still be pickups, but Ground will be delivering the E2 and XS...not you.
    That means an AM group of employees, and a PM group of employees. No working both sides of the operation.

    As others have said (and I fully agree), watch for them to turn the screws even tighter and enjoy the campaign to eliminate as many employees as quickly as possible through BS "violations" of policy, falsification, and the usual means of culling the herd.

    If you haven't already been doing so, document everything. Use your smartphone and take pictures, and catch them breaking their own policies and procedures. If they are breaking the law, report them, AND contact an attorney if you need to. There are a lot of actionable cases out there that wil never get heard unless you speak-up and get someone on your side to fight this company's law-breaking tactics. Maybe it's an attorney, or maybe it's just the local police department or OSHA.

    Don't go down without a fight. Make it hurt.