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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by artist, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. artist

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    Hi, I was wondering when do new hire get there employee id# I been at ups for a week now and I think this week I'm getting paid. But I have been writing down my hours on a piece a paper everyday instead of clocking in and giving it to a guy in the office. Am I going to get paid this week? because today I notice my name is not in the computer yet and my hours that I wrote down has been remove from the computer where I stick them. I'm not really sure if they even put in my time yet. Should I talk to my supervisor? just in case and try to get my #id and tell him about my hours because I'm going to be kind of mad if they dont pay me this week lol.
  2. thebrownbox

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    I can't anwser everything but when I was new I'm 3 weeks in now) they entered in all my time by hand until I asked about my employee number then I was able to clock in and out on my own.
  3. Reddriver

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    you need to immediately go to a supervisor or manager and make sure your time is being documented.
  4. artist

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    thank you for the quick reply, I can hardly find my supervisor but I think I'm going in early tomorrow and speak to him about my #ID and hope that they documented my hours. I think I'm going to type out my hours and hand it to him. One more question do they also pay us for orientation? because I was at another warehouse when I did that should I also put that in just to let them know.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Reddriver

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    Yes you should be paid for orientation as well. Any time you come in for any kind of training or meeting you are to be paid for that time.
  6. cantwin69

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    Always keep track of every minute you've worked. In my hub, and I'm sure others, it's not unusual for your check to be wrong. Mine is usually off by 10 or 15 minutes every week. I have talked to others and they've had the same problem. I've complained so much about it that now they usually short me by 5 mins or less.
  7. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    You should be in the system by the second or third day... It's really a matter of a supe just doing a couple keystrokes...

    As far as clocking in you go to the time clock, last four of your social and then punch in...

    YOU STILL NEED TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR TIME... Supes will adjust your time...

    Employee # will show up on your paycheck but your supe can get it for you. The employess # is only needed when filling out paperwork OR logging into UPSers.com. For any paperwork, your supe can look up your Employee number...
  8. LKLND3380

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    If the start time is 3:45AM and you arrive at 3:30AM and start setting up your trucks... YOUR START TIME IS 3:45... YOU ARE WORKING OFF THE CLOCK... It does not matter what time you punch in/log in, etc... The POSTED START TIME is when the clock starts for you... PCMs are done ON THE CLOCK, NOT BEFORE START TIME...

    On the other hand... If you clock in thirty minutes before start and set up your package cars, pull packages left in the car (OVER 70s going out of state) and all of this is done BEFORE START time... You are working off the clock UNLESS DIRECTED TO DO SO BY A SUPERVISIOR and that MUST BE APPROVED BY A CENTER MANAGER and that should be in the plan submitted to the DISTRICT MANAGER...

    I hada supe tell me I was missing work on the belt... I asked what the start time was and then I asked the supe what time their NEXTEL phone said. It was only two minutes and I said are you going to adjust the time for 50+ hourlies for two minutes? That is almost 2:00 in payroll we are cheated out of...
  9. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    ALSO... If for ANY REASON THEY want to see you in the office after the sort... THAT IS DONE ON THE CLOCK...

    IF you request a meeting after the sort... That is OFF the clock on your time...
  10. bluetraschman

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    Hey LKLND, Just out of curiousity, what kind of turn over do you have for drivers in your bldg, that is if you are a driver. I live in NE am thinking of reloacating.
  11. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    Not a driver, just a preloader... I don't see a big turn over in drivers but I do see a big turn over in the preload...

    There is a lot of growth in our area so I see new routes and the potential need for new routes. There are a couple drivers who could retire and other behind them waiting to see what this new contract is going to offer...

    If you relocated i would think you could be driving in three to five years...
  12. artist

    artist New Member

    :sad-little: I was not in the system by the third day more like the second week. I know its starting to get busy because of peak but I'm kind of dissapointed that I did not get paid. I already have a talk with them but they didnt take a few min of there time to fix my hours or even input it? So I guess I'm going to have another talk with them again this upcoming week. So if I didnt received my payment from them for my first week do they cut me a check or do they add it on my 2nd week pay? This suck
  13. happy harry

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    Yes you get paid for your week in orientation. But I can't stress to you enough keep track of your time.Errors do occur.After you get a timecard you will swipe in and out everyday. Make sure you are ready to work at your station at the start of the workday when you first start. Another important note is that UPS is on a click system(1/100). So do not be alarmed at first if you look at your hours on paper and the numbers dont match. Have another veteren employee or supervisor explain it to you. Other than that you should be good. Good luck
  14. happy harry

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    You should have received a check the week following your orientation. If you have not received a check speak to your full time supervisor. If he doesnt have time to speak to you talk to the training manager. It is management's responsibility to make sure you get paid.
  15. mule

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    I would not worry over your check. You will get it. UPS is a very large corporation. If you got hired in as a peak help or seasonal, you are with a bunch of others. The office staff that handles the paper work does not increase staffing to handle the extra demand during peak. If you are being shorted of time, say something.

    Do not work off the clock. If you injure yourself off the clock, management could claim that you were not authorized to do the work. There are many things that they could argue to hold you accountable for your actions. If you start at 3:00, then you start at 3:00. Since you are new, here is my advise.

    Be on time everyday
    Know how many occurrences you have
    Follow all directions
    Find and get to know your union Stewart
    Ask lots of questions about UPS and how the Union works (find Full-timers to explain the union to you)
    If you get :censored2: off over something, keep your mouth shout (Go home and read your union contract. If you find something they have done wrong, call the union hall or find a union Stewart?
    Lastly, watch what you say to management. (learn the rules of the game)
  16. artist

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    Hi, I view my online paycheck and hours that I work online today and notice that the supe didn't put in any of my hours for my first week and how come some of rate are adjusted? I guess I have to talk with him tomorrow again feels like I'm getting screw over. I notice that they just went through my training work book today... shouldn't they do that when I first started 2 weeks ago? This is just getting ridiculous.. how many time I have to talk to them?
  17. cantwin69

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    Get used to it! Kidding aside, I'd be on their a** every night until I got it straightened out. You're not in the union yet otherwise a steward could have this straightened out for you in a flash.
    I heard they are paying people 7.50 rather than 8.50 for the training class. Is that what you're referring to regarding the adjusted rates? Anyway, good luck to you!