Empty Nesters

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by scratch, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. scratch

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    Last week, our youngest son moved out to go to college. After twenty years with kids in the house, my wife and myself are all alone again. Our home has changed. How do you out there that have been through it deal with this? We know that both of them are doing well, they are still in state going to school. The house is quieter now, and I'm sure the water, grocery, and laundry bills will go down. Less food to cook, we now get to eat out more or try new recipes in the kitchen. There are less things to clean up too. But we miss them both. Any thoughts?
  2. Sammie

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    Oh, come on Scratch. This is when you guys can finally dance around the house in the buff again !!! (Just remember to close the blinds...)
  3. scratch

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    Oops, I forgot to close the blinds! No wonder all the neighbors were looking at us when we drove up the street!:blushing: