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    I seen a memo posted today that said there was 3 accidents in the first week of February and it went on to say, not word for word but something to the effect that if you cant be a professional and drive safely for the job we pay you to do , we can find something else for you to do, as anyone else seen this, basically there threatening you, but I could be clerk for 29 dollars a hour.
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    Write it down word for word and have some other union witnesses sign it saying that is what they saw. Get a steward, have him ask management who wrote that, and file a grievance fro harassment. Sounds like a manager got reemed over the accidents and does not know how to properly handle the situation.

    Accidents are part of the business.
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    Sounds to me like a clear case of threatening discipline, not only without a steward, but without even doing anything wrong.
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    The statement accidents are part of the business is the most foolish statement i have ever heard. There are 4793 circle of honor drivers this year that have driven over 25 years each without an accident, are they just lucky( don't think so), they follow the training that they have had through the years and the result is a safe driver. There are consequences to actions and keeping people informed about those consequences is not harassment or threats, the company spends millions of dollars a year on safety training of it employees and they have a right to expect its employees to work and drive safely.
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    Hmmm, a Chema feeder driver had his second accident in 20 years a couple weeks ago, and was fired. Both very minor accidents. He was back two days later thanks to the Union.

    What does that do to the attitude of one of the good guys???
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    Wow a whole 4,000 plus drivers are circle of honor drivers out of how many hundreds of thousands that have driven during the same time. Not to take away this milestone for these drivers they have earned it! But we operate a package delivery service tha is transported by truck. Which means we have to drive with the general public, in weather, rain, snow, ice, wind etc.

    The company preaches safety! They spend millions as you say and for what? Egress is a safety violation yet management does nothing to correct it. Management threatens drivers who work safely because they do not meet their expected numbers. Not all package cars have a 3 point belts (sorry Sober), the list goes on.

    Threatening to fire drivers for an accident is not training it is harassment, please show me in the contract outside of a serious accident where a driver can be fired for 1 or more than 1 accident.

    I dont know how far up the UPS food chain you are, but I can prove to you that each center has budgeted moeny for accidents yearly, now if tehy are not part of the business than why budget for them? Your turn!
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    First of all what you say is minor to you, cost the company a lot more money than you can imagine. Just think he now has a discharge on his record. He is back to work because the company allowed him to return, not the union.
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    Not if he was brought bac to work! He is not obvu=iuosly discharged, now is he. You ever think that maybe the labor rep for UPS told the dipsiht manager he was wrong for firing tis driver. A 20 year driver with that record would have been returned to work by any arbitrator at a pricely cost to UPS!
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    I believe that luck is a big factor in this. A year ago I was on an ice covered, crowned driveway and slid sideways making tire tracks (not ruts) 3 inches off the driveway in the grass for about 5 feet. This was on frozen ground and heavily frosted grass. The lady threw a fit and I was charged with an accident even though UPS paid her no money, and the tracks fixed themselves in the spring. That is luck against me. I didn't even realize I had been charged with the accident until a month ago when I thought I was due a safe driving award and inquired about it. I never got a warning letter, or even one of those " we expect more from you and know you can do better" letters.
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    2 units,
    Accidents are an unforseen, undesirable reality at UPS. Thinking that accidents of different degrees are not part of the business is paving the way to improperly handle them when they happen. And they will happen.

    I think it is safe to say that most, if not all, UPS drivers don't want to get into an accident any more than management wants an accident in their area of responsibility. Accidents can be fatal. God only knows when the next one will be a fatal one.

    The most unfortunate aspect of accidents is that many management people do not handle these difficult situations in a productive, correct way when they do happen.

    There is a clear non-emotional, professional UPS procedure for the investigation of accidents. The Auto Crash Prevention/Investigation Procedure is rarely, if ever, completely followed. This procedure can be found in the Safety Committee Member Handbook.

    A question for all those reading this:

    All of your Safety Committee Members do have this handbook? Don't they?

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    Two points to make:
    1. They are called accidents for a reason. They are never intentional.

    2. Accidents should never be confused with incidents, which they often are.
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    1) There are no such things as accidents at UPS. They are all CRASHES,check the verbage they use yhe next time someone gets in one.

    2) Almost all will be charged to the driver regardless.

    3) Cost is not a factor. UPS will spend a thousand dollars in paperwork and followup over a one dollar paint touch up on a fender. They will piss and moan over having safedrivers and good numbers yet charge everything as a crash. CACH is a perfect example. We went from the best safety numbers with the previous Mgmt team to have the highest number of crashes with the present Mgmt team. No numbers were buried with the previuos group,they just reckognized that trivial scratches and wear and tear were not crash related.
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    2 Units, The company decided to let him back but they do not have the final say THE PANEL DOES!
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    True, but there is no way he went to a panel in 2 days
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    Is it luck that you went into an icy driveway, 2 things come to mind 1) Get the big picture, 2) Leave yourself an out........ i do not know the driveway you do so you made the decision to go in, no luck here..... poor decision making
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    Correct. I think the Union beat the manager over the head about the unjustified firing. The managers boss probably did the same.

    And of course, the company in its infinite wisdom will now have to pay the driver for the two days he sat home.
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    Both the company and union foot the bill for an arbitration..... its 50/50 cost and they are expensive
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    Unless you were in the hearing you would not know what was said or what was agreed to, you assume the union beat the mgr (not likely) but i wasn't there, i would venture to say the mgr spoke to his/her immediate boss and let them know what was going down before it did, again i was not there. The way you speak about the company always in a negative voice, if you are not happy working for UPS why are you here. My guess and it probably is a good one , is you have and can find nothing else.
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    Oh please, grow up.....