Ever felt like you were being prevented from becoming a driver?

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    Anyone work at one of the subsidiaries such as UPS fright, Cartage, or Supply Chain? Has anyone else had EXTREME difficulty moving up to full-time driver from a part-time position? I finally obtained my CDL recently, after my supervisors repeated and flat out refusal (in opposition to the union contract) to allow me to use UPS equipment to practice with. I had to go to driving school. If I thought it was bad before, it is slowly getting worse. They keep coming up with these "rules" that i nor my union steward have never even heard of. And flat out refuse to give me a copy of these rules in writing. They know I will want a position a UPS, and according to the contract, they have to post the position and consider me for it. My Steward and the local business agent told me to prepare for a MAJOR battle. This is ridicoulus. Anyone else face oppositon like this? With Hoffa, it is really hard to create and maintain ties with teamsters in my local chapter, let alone across the nation. But if there are similar stories out there it would be nice to have a larger, united voice.
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    All I can say is study your contract, Know your articles, and keep close ties with your sterard and B.A. You must take full advantage of being part time to develope these things and make them a habit. That is your power. No when to stand up and when to fold.
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    You need to read your contract and or local rider. Advancement to a driver position differs depending on the contract and or rider you fall under.
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    I was wondering what happened to my thread. I thought it was censored. I went to talk to the district manager today. It's amazing how many of those"rules" he'd never heard about either. He was much more understanding. Hopefully, all of this crap will be behind me and I will be a full-time driver soon.
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    ever felt like i was being prevented from being a driver?????? yea every day i punch in
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    did you ever hear of the union?
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    Some days I wish someone had prevented me from becoming a driver.
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    No but I flew United once.
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    Part-time is way faster. Try being a casual for 10 years.
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    Something to consider..... if your management team is making it hard for you, maybe they are trying to tell you something, but you are not listening. Ya, by the contract, they have to give you a chance, so what, that is no guarantee that you will make seniority. I have seen guys fight for years for a position, get their chance and then by DQ'd before their 3rd week.
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    Seniority rules you just can't be a driver because you want to. There has to be an opening and all the people ahead of you on the seniority list that bid the job or signed the list to go FT has first dibs.

    Jumping up an down and making a big scene isn't going to get you a driver position any faster. However it will paint a permanent bulls eye on your back.
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    I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!
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    If your management is already that bad, are you sure you want to work full time putting up with their bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: all day? Working full time is great, and the extra money is good... but there has to be a line you draw somewhere between making good money, and living a horrible life working for people you hate.
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