Everything wrong with Express is in this article

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    Great article.
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    Yes, a very good article indeed.

    Too bad we have upper management and a CEO that are too stubborn, ignorant, greedy and bullheaded to see it that way.
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    DRA will take care of all of it.
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    Glad to hear you agree with me.
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    It is said, it will be done. Such arrogance.
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    You are a box of rocks, and it will come back to haunt you.
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    Great article.
  9. DRA is being renamed to RAD. All the 20 somethings will be on board more now. Apparently rad is a synonym for cool.
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    ‚ÄčCustomer service and errors (new employees take longer and are often less adept at solving problems).

    Yup, I don't think FedEx realizes just how many problems we solve preventing failures and complaints. The ability to do that well takes experience. Sometimes years of experience. This is why I don't fix those things when I see them now. FedEx does not appreciate that experience and won't compensate me for it so why give them the benefit?

  11. You forgot the hashtag!