Evolution Explains Why Politics Is So Tribal

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    Which of these two narratives most closely matches your political perspective?

    Once upon a time people lived in societies that were unequal and oppressive, where the rich got richer and the poor got exploited. Chattel slavery, child labor, economic inequality, racism, sexism and discriminations of all types abounded until the liberal tradition of fairness, justice, care and equality brought about a free and fair society. And now conservatives want to turn back the clock in the name of greed and God.


    Once upon a time people lived in societies that embraced values and tradition, where people took personal responsibility, worked hard, enjoyed the fruits of their labor and through charity helped those in need. Marriage, family, faith, honor, loyalty, sanctity, and respect for authority and the rule of law brought about a free and fair society. But then liberals came along and destroyed everything in the name of “progress” and utopian social engineering.

    Evolution Explains Why Politics Is So Tribal: Scientific American
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    Interesting read. Goes along with a piece penned by the late Stephan Jay Gould circa 1997' in defense of Peter Kropotkin entitled "Kropotkin Was No Crackpot" in that in defense of evolution, Kropotkin in opposition of the social Darwinists led by the detestable Thomas Huxley and his "gladiatorial" view of evolution, juxtaposed that evolution was driven more by mutual aid and cooperation. Where Gould's piece got even more insightful was expressing the difference in the political and social norms both men came from and how this would strongly influence the opinions offered by both.

    Thanks for the link Cheryl as this offers an interesting companion piece to Gould's.