Ex-Californians Being Followed

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, May 30, 2009.

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    Why I'm Leaving New York!

    At one time the business world had many so-called Ex-Americans and now seems we have another exodus taking place in smaller scale. Even the illegals are starting to avoid America as her empire dies a slow death. Even border patrol making fewer arrests.

    Gov't grows out of control, it's costs way in-effective as is it's solutions to problems, it's own economic policy destroys the economy and people start heading for the exits. Is there a lesson in there somewhere?

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    Yes, there is a lesson....my Mom, who lost her husband (Dad) in a car accident in 72', foreseen and felt the rising cost of living in NY and moved us to Florida in the mid-seventies....not a bad descion for a uneducated street-wise single housemom on a fixed VA income...well actually, we had no choice, even back in the seventies, cost of living and property taxes was getting out of hand....Guess moving to Florida when I was thirteen yrs old makes me 3/4's Fla cracker...:happy-very:...BTW...I do miss the seasonal climate changes and the Indian summers are ridiculisly long down here....
    Have no desire to live any where else than the US, except maybe a part-time bungalow near a beach in the Carribean.....
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    Didn't know obama would eliminate illegals by making our coutry an undesirable place to go.:happy-very:
  4. Baba gounj

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    They probably think their local corrupt system is safer than what O has plans for us.
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    Guess he thought it would be cheaper than finishing that wall. :happy-very: