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    Brought to my attention:
    There is a Parttime shifter who reports to his PT shifting bid on a daily basis but soon after 3-4hours after he started shifting he clocks out ealry to go drive for the pkg centers as an exception air driver? Is this PT employee allowed to do this. Leave his bid job and go drive? Where does it allow him to drive air in the contract? Also can a combo air driver who wants extra work on a saturday(6th day) bump this PT exception air driver on his scheduled day off work?
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    Yes. I did this all the time as a preloader. No problem running exception air if a bid air driver calls out or there’s extra NDA/EAM/airport volume.
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    Side deal with the center manager?
  4. Yes I can, sense I do it. Air Drivers with seniority can work 6 days and if there are EAM's that no one is taking has that option. I also can run ground if I am a preloader and have seniority over an off the street hire or someone who thinks he/she doesn't have to show up for there classified preload job just to come in and do airs. I will bump ya... I never grew a pair to do it but finally came to the realization that being nice doesn't put food in my daughter's mouth...
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    Not much if you’re PT. Only FT people are allowed to deliver ground per-contract. PT can deliver exception ground/extra air only and are required to get driver rate for that time.

    You can pick up ground exceptions if the normal pickup has already been completed by the main driver tho.
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    You are funny. What part of the BOG do you live in? We have PT air exception drivers that have to request 8 hour days because they run so much ground work everyday. Good money but I get burned out on it.
  7. Maybe in your hub... Some hubs have different ways of getting things done... Yes at the regular rate of PCD. That's what cover drivers are for