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    Anyone have any experience with a morning courier that finished up early. Took a 30 minute break and sat at a pickup location. Courier arrived to the pick up roughly 1430ish and the pickup did not open until 1530. However the courier did an early pickup at 1510. After finishing pickups, the courier arrived at the station at roughly 1630. Pre trip/post trip then into DG agent( courier does DG every Wednesday evening) from 1635 until 1850. Then finished up with courier clerical until clocking out around 1900. Would you say courier did anything wrong?
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    You mean other than letting dispatch know that he would have some downtime and that he could help out other couriers if needed? If he did this and they said that they were all set then he should have nothing to worry about.
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    Not at all. Why shouldn't he be compensated for all of his time at work? If his manager didn't want to pay him, he should have let him leave at 1400 when he was done.
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    Was the 30 min break done earlier in the day, or was the 30 min break in the 1430-1500 timeframe?

    Not defending mgmt or the courier, but if the courier sat for 30 min NOT on a 13-14 the manager is gonna want that courier to be doing something and not just sitting. That being said, I do it all the time. Just gotta manufacture something to do so your gap report isn't empty there.
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    If someone MAKES me stay late, i'm getting paid for the duration of my time there except for 30 minutes if I go over 6 hours and 60 if I go over 8. If there isn't work to do then let me go home. Not my problem to give back money to the company just because there's a gap. And i'm not aiming my vitriol at you personally, by the way.
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    Understood. I'm a courier, not a manager. Just pointing out what the manager wants out of couriers with regards to gap times and productivity.

    I know this because I've been there. Go out there and kill your route but have a lot of extra time before pups, and manager doesn't like to see a 30 min gap they paid for. So, go do reattempts, sweep a dropbox, get fuel, etc. to "stay busy".
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    I agree 100%. I used to do this too. My manager has one foot out the door towards retirement so he doesn't care about this stuff at all which I'm grateful for. I feel like if I had one who did there may be explosive arguments because I simply will not tolerate not being paid for my time.
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    And don’t forget what some do, which is ask for a walk up. Unethical, maybe against regs. But if you pup something they can’t prove that no one handed you an outbound. And it reduces gap times. I never dream of using this tactic, btw. I just read about it in a book.

    Have you ever been ordered to take a 20 minute break on road to falsify good gap times? It happened very often with our now retired senior manager. I took one once and ignored the rest because my route is genuinely busy. Same sm was heard by several couriers to once say “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money.”
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    You picked up the drop box early. While you can get there before the ready time, you cannot close out the stop until after the ready time.
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  10. Cactus

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    I did all the time. F them guys.
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    where does it say anything about a DB?
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    Yes. But you can leave the stop open and drive to another to save time. Then, close the box at whatever the close time is. I have a box in a small business park that had a 7 pm close. The place was deserted by 5:30. Then the close time was changed to 7:15. It’s very inefficient.
  13. Cactus

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    Who's boneheaded idea was that? managers? dispatch? district?
  14. McFeely

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    Not if your manager checks GPS proximity. It used to only work for deliveries, but now they can check pup GPS proximity. Wouldn't want any of you jackasses to get fired for falsification.
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  16. Cactus

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    Hang on everybody, I think we may have a winner here.
  17. Operational needs

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    And THAT’S why some dispatchers now ask for an airbill number before they’ll give us a walk up. That was new to me when I transferred the last time. I was used to dispatchers trusting me to do the right thing. All the sudden my integrity was being questioned.
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    Have you ever been ordered to take a 20 minute break on road to falsify good gap times? It happened very often with our now retired senior manager. I took one once and ignored the rest because my route is genuinely busy. Same sm was heard by several couriers to once say “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money.”[/QUOTE]

    I've had worse than that, dude. When I was part time, I worked every Saturday. My Saturday route was an hour from the station and right when I cleared one of the GOOD managers called me and said that someone was bringing one package of late freight down to me. I said couldn't she just deliver it and he said no because they have to control the amount of routes that are out or something. And I asked if she was close to me because I had already cleared and he told me to pull over and go on break until she got there. And I said "come on, dude, that's just unreasonable to ask of me. You want me to work an extra hour and five minutes for five minutes' pay?" And he backed down and told me not to worry about. But just the audacity of asking me to do that left a bad taste in my mouth.
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    Management would have to find him something to do to keep him more productive if it happens alot. Or maybe he can try to squeeze in another 30min lunch .BTW, it's a break violation if you take anything less than 30 Min at a time for a lunch.
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    Right, it's in the way you react.You did the right thing , some managers will try just about anything. Don't get confrontational or agumentative keep your professionalism.
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