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    How often has your manager asked you to take an extended break? Recently, one courier had his truck breakdown on route and was ordered to immediately go on break. To his credit, he refused, and management didn't go any further with it, but to even ask is ridiculous. Since when is it your problem when your piece of crap truck breaks down. That is a FedEx problem.

    Here's another example from a friend who is a full-time RTD. He had made his AM run to a station about 60 miles away from the ramp. Bad weather and a fatal accident made getting the PM CTV to the station on-time a questionable proposition, so they asked him to stay all day at the station and bring-back the outbound. He was also told to take at least a 3 hour split. This driver also refused, and told management he'd be happy to just return to the ramp and let the manager fret over getting the PM CTV there. Again, management relented, but to even ask illustrates the way in which they think of us, which is as units of production and miniature cost centers. The RTD is willing to do FedEx a major favor, and then they try and screw him by forcing an extended lunch.

    And then there's Code 43 time, which means "Wait For Aircraft/CTV". If you look on the back of your timecard, you won't find it, because they don't want you using it. It's a valid code, so why not list it? They'd much rather put you on break, OR try an old FedEx trick that is actually illegal in many states, which is to have you call-in to a recorder that gives you a modifed start time based on a projected aircraft or CTV arrival. Again, it isn't your problem that the CTV is in the ditch or that the aircraft had a maintenance issue, but FedEx is still going to try and screw you out of 15 minutes or even a couple of hours if you're dumb enough to fall for it.

    Go to your station, clock-in at your regular time, and tell them you're available to work. At that point, you've fulfilled your responsibility, and if they want you to wash trucks or sweep floors, that's just fine. At least you are getting paid. If they have nothing for you to do, enter a Code 43, the one that "doesn't exist". Like I said, most states don't allow this practice, but it doesn't keep FedEx from trying it.

    Don't play their game. Beat them at it with their own rules.
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    We're told to go into a 43 all the time to save the stations AM budget. It beehoves management to do it if the shuttles from the ramp are late.

    BTW, if my truck breaks down, I go into a 24 "vehicle out of serv." then, a 26 "vehicle return to serv." And BTW, according to the back of my FAMIS time card (that I'm looking at right now) a 43 is a "sort delay". Not sure why you don't see it under the middle column "at location hours codes".
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    As Mr. 7 pointed out, it is there. The thing he got wrong is that it saves the station's budget. It used to do that a while ago but now it doesn't make a difference. The reason you use it is simply so that you can see how much time you spent waiting. You can't tell if everyone is in a code 30.

    As for the break thing, I personally don't have a problem with my manager asking me if I'd like to take a break in the circumstances you mentioned as long as I'm given the choice, I'm fine with it. Same with the recorded message. As long as it's my choice, which it always has been in my experience, then I'm fine. I do know that there are many examples of people not being given the choice and I do think that is wrong. Let me decide if I want to come in and sweep the floor or stock trucks, or if I just want to sleep a little longer.
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    It isn't there as it used to be, which was "Wait For Aircraft/CTV". The point is that they'd much rather coerce you into using downtime as a break instead of waiting on their time. Same deal with the use of recorders to modify start times. That should always be Code 43 time, not unpaid time as a result of a later start. It should be your option to go over to McDonalds or take a nap, or whatever else. The goal is to not pay you. At least at our station, we were directed to not use 43 and go on break. That's the time to say "no".

    And with vehicle breakdowns, why not tell employees to use the "out of service/back in service" codes instead of trying to con them into not getting paid? It's all about the money, and to not pay you if they can possibly get away with it.
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    Thats just wrong if your at work and something goes wrong you should get paid whlie waiting. Do they expect you to not get paid even though you have to wait with the truck? Thats ridiculous. Who wants to spend their break on the side of the road in a FEDEX truck. I'd want to spend my break somewhere warm maybe have a hot cup of coffee or some food. Thats when we should not get paid when we are actually at break. FEDEX's failure to properly maintain vehicles is not our problem.
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    Hey Mr. FDX,
    I made you proud today! Thank goodness I read this thread last night.

    So, all week, I've been scheduled and told that I'm working today (Sat.) and they were running extra routes due to Amazon.
    So, I get up, take a shower and drive to work. I'm in my truck eating some B.K. breakfast and the ops mgr. walks by and says "Oh, we called you guys off, there's not enough freight".
    I say "What? I didn't get a call".
    "Oh yeah, I sent you a text message".

    Text was there but, sent while I was still sleeping and my phone isn't set up to tell me there's a message waiting.

    So, just like you told me Mr. FDX, I told the manager "I'm here, you gotta work me. As of last night, I was scheduled to start today and I'm here and I demand my guaranteed 4 hrs."

    Mgr. backed down and I worked 4.5 hrs.
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    Good. I worked today too and they didn't get the volume expected from Amazon, so they tried the same trick on some of our people. Let's see, you plan to work, put-off other plans, and then they expect you to just walk away unpaid as they customize and tailor their operation according to what actually does show-up. Why do so many other people just accept this BS without protest? And Upstate from UPS wonders how we take market share from UPS. Could UPS get away with this kind of crap? No.
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    I believe the name changed on the code 43 simply because it is now more generic referring to any type of sort delay. As the hours now roll up to your sort hours, it doesn't really matter why the delay so it's now just called "sort delay".

    And on your other points, I do actually agree with you. Shocker, I know. I have no problem with the recorded message as long as we are given the option, which we are in my station and sounds like others are too. If I choose to still come in at my scheduled time and want to get paid, then I should be able to do that. I don't expect to sit around and do nothing and get paid, but if I'm scheduled and I want to work, I should be able to. I've never really had any issues personally but I'm sure others have.


    It feels good to be back!! I also worked that Saturday, got the "we don't really need you, but since you're here..." (sometimes it pays to be in good with a manager) and got 11 hours!! All OT! They try to get me to take breaks during down times, but they gave up on the break during a breakdown..lol I spent to much time on those to fall for that one.. the running joke was that I needed a code for riding with the wrecker! Now it's all about the amount of time taken.

    And since I am the current FO go-n-getter, I get to start real early, so changes in start times don't affect me too often, now it's just late planes and weather issues..
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    hmmm...Everyday i come to work and there are not trucks and i have to wait.I usually wait around 30-45 minutes and i go into a code 39.Should i go into a code 43 instead?
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    Are you talking about waiting for CTV's on the AM sort, or coming in for a PM route and waiting for a truck? If it's the PM side, then the correct code is a 39......but that may be up to your Mgr/Sr as well...check with them as to which code they want you under.
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    LOL...more stellar planning. There should be a code for moronic management. This peak is really a mess, and with Moe, Larry, and Curly at the helm, good things are sure to happen. "You gets what you pays for" (sic).
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    Our mgr took a vote week before last on whether we continue to call callnotes, or come in at our regular start time, work our first truck, and if second truck is late take at least a partial break. Majority voted for second option, and now they are requiring us to go on break within our first hour, which we did today. I don't mind taking a break after our first hour, but taking a break that early makes for a very long day. Last Saturday called callnotes, was told truck was 20 mins late, but she didn't say whether to start 20 mins late. Called her up and she says to come in at scheduled time, clock in, and immediately go on break. I tell her DOT rules say no break in first or last hour. She tells me it doesn't matter. I tell her it does and I'll start 20 mins later, I'm not giving up my lunch. Should've said the same today but had bad headache, ran to drugstore for Excedrin. And would've had to deal with my mgr, who changed timecard of another employee last week who didn't go on break and forced her to sign off on it. Don't see much of a raise coming in March when they're this tight.
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    Recorders, call-ins, and the like aren't legal in many states. In anti-labor Texas, I would suppose that anything goes. Just another example of how FedEx always wants it their way, having the sheep call-in to ask their overlords when they came come in and work. Why did you and your co-workers go for this crap?
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    It's not like we have a lot of options. I didn't vote for it, but others were very unhappy with freight coming in 2 hrs late one day and we were still expected to get at least a half hr break in. So when mgr suggested we vote for the two options most wanted to start at normal time. We often have fog problems at our ramp during winter, so getting break out of the way would be best, I just feel that I'm getting cheated if we take it before an hour has been worked. But unlike younger workers I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So putting up with crap for 6 years. Question is, why do you always dodge having the Teamsters having a national vote? Are you under instructions to downplay that from headquarters?
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    I'm sorry I hurt your feelings and you feel you have to retaliate. I've never suggested that the Teamsters not hold a national vote, but have made the point that it would be difficult to get around the anti-labor states. I just wish the IBT would do something...anything. As far as me being a Teamster hack, the answer would be "no". I've posted many critical comments about both the IBT and their do-nothing in chief Hoffa.
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    Yes, you hurt my feelings thiiiiiiiiiiiisssss much, lol. But seriously, you do dodge that point. Why not have a national election?
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    We do have unions in Texas too. And it doesn't really matter, we just need a simple majority of those participating. FedEx thought it was a serious problem, they challenged it in court.
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    Fine with me. Where do I sign my card? Oh, that's right, the Teamsters are still in a coma.
  20. MrFedEx

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    And they lost. Although I recently saw that Northwest/Delta flight attendants voted down a union. I doubt the same thing would happen with us, but the Teamsters actually have to do something in order for there to be a vote. Jim Hoffa, where are youuuuu??