Extra Vacation Week????

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  1. My anniversary date is in March!!!! When would I get my extra week of vacation????? Thanks
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    As soon as the amount of question marks matches the amount of exclamation marks.
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    uh . . . March
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    That depends on where you are located. You need to read you rider. In most place your not going to get to pick another week untill the next time your get to pick vacation weeks for the year. In my area it would be in April when we pick are vacations for the whole year.
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    We choose our vacations in January and if your anniversary date falls within the same year you can select the additional week at that time--you just can't take it until your anniversary date has passed. You also need to make sure you get credit for the additonal week on your paystub--I didn't and my on-car had to submit a payroll inquiry to get the 45 hours added.