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    Hi all, I just wondering how UPS gets away with this. I work on the reload for 7 years now still loading. We are so understaffed my belt last night had two supervisors picking off all night. They hire two new people one quit and the other does nothing. UPS continues to hire the young cats that don't want to work. The funny thing is we got a new supervisor yesterday too. We have more supervisors than loaders. Makes no sense. I know grievances are filled every night but nothing changes it has been this way on my sort since alot of people went driving and they didn't prepare or hire people.
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    Nothing you can do about it but take your time and do your work and just file grievances and put some extra cash in your pocket. If you are scared to put on your big boy pants and report supervisors working, then work very slowly when you see sups working to compensate for the hours they are stealing from you by doing your work. Anyway, do not watch who's not doing what. They can work as slow as they want to, as long as they get the job done.
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    The first thing I would recommend is to talk to your steward to see what he or she is doing about the situation and to confirm that the grievances are in fact being filed. I would also ask the steward if any of the grievances have been settled and if so what were the results. Get that information, post it here and we'll go from there. I would also make it a point to ask the stupervisors why they are working anytime you see them performing bargaining unit work. (You don't need to challenge them at this point, you simply want to know why they are working.)
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    Mgt told us they can't hire any new employees. cause Atlanta needs to authorize new hiring. We know it's a BS answer.
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    That's not our problem. Keep grieving it. They are required to maintain adequate staffing. Another alternative, if possible, would be to lengthen the shift to allow the current staff to complete the work without the assistance of the stupervisors.
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    Keep grieving for sure! I laugh at these part time sups who think they are important.........they don't realize that they are being abused too just like the part time union force. They handle packages thinkin they are gona get a pat on the back or a promotion or something. all they are doing is padding their plant managers bonus and making it harder for them to hit their #s. the real joke is on the part time sups!!! Hahahahahaa:happy-very:
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    There's one part time supervisor that works in the morning, that I can probly get a grievance on him EVERY morning...

    He finally snapped one day, "What's your problem, you got a problem with me? Something you want to talk about?"

    Every time I file, I make sure under the remedies, that he be put back to a part-time loading position instead of being a supervisor since he insists on constantly and blatantly violating the contract and performing hourly work. Just to be a dick. Because it's funny.
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    File file file! If you don't file then don't complain.
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    Created a new job classification in my building. Watcher. As in just stand there and watch the supervisor work. Could be for an hour or 3 hours. Very high seniority. 30 years plus. $30.00 an hour plus. Very boring job, I could not do it.
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    I miss the old days when you only had one supervisor for every 30 employees. When I started on Preload 20 years ago we had two box lines, each with it's own supervisor and we were usually wrapped up and gone before the drivers were on the clock and drivers started about 8am then. Now I walk around as a driver and I see more sups than hourlies and they can't get us wrapped for our 8:45am start time. Shame. Over managed. Pity.
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    Who needs a Sup when you have telematics and EDD? =We don't!
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    I feel ya dude. At our center for like 3 years they owed us like 20 drivers and only filled just 7 this year. Talk about shady they idiots do whatever they want to do.
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    And when a preloader or sorter knew which truck a box went to by looking at the address. Even if it had a bad address. Try that now. I have had arguments with PT sups over misloads. "The PAL label says it goes in your truck." Even when the address label is for another state.
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    That's logistics!
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    I talked to a UPS driver yesterday, and just asked him if he gets a lunch-break.
    Nope !
    Same old, same old - and they wonder why they can't keep any drivers !
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    I hear UPS Canada, in an effort to retain current and attract new drivers, will be installing refrigerated beer dispensers in each centre.
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    ​I see what you did there.
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    Nope, instead they are offering $1000 bonus after 90 days, and another $1000 after 1 year !