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    Hey everyone, just wanted some Union takes on this.. I’m in a Hub and there are a few FT combo employees that only work Twilight but never stay for Night. Unfortunately, this could be due to age or unable to do the latter half of the bid description.
    Many PT employees would jump at the chance for the FT hours. Is this just apart of the seniority and brotherhood or does this kinda suck for employees stuck down the seniority list?
    Thanks guys!
  2. The Real Jack RyanMI6

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    I think you need to tred lightly. But find out the exact reasons why they dont finish there shift. Look you cannot in anyway outright cause harm to another Teamster, if i remember correctly getting someone fired so you can take their job would fit that description. its been over 10 years since i read the rules but if i remember correctly harming another Teamster gets you out of the union for life, that being said id talk to yo ju r steward. Id approach it in a way of wanting this to be a win win for the ither worker, you and UPS if you approach it both mentally and verbally from that perspective you may find success
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    That can't be true lol. EXILE.
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    "Harm" is very subjective. It could mean being terminated, losing a shift, losing hours, getting bumped by another teamster, etc...

    And. These days, with this generation, it could mean being stressed, having your feelings hurt, or even a hang nail.
  5. Big Package

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    How is bumping another teamster harm? It almost sounds like a joke going over my head.
  6. eats packages

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    sounds like harm to me.
    We're playing with management. No logic needed.
    If we mention a 22.3 not working two shifts. The first thing our sups will do, is to attempt to discipline that employee, crush the other employee's hopes.