F/T to P/T?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by xkingx, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. xkingx

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    is there a way to go from F/T to P/T for about a year? Couldnt find it in the book, thought I read about it on here awhile back..Mixed on giving up my F/T status,basically quitting to get rehired P/T,even though Ive been here for 16years already...

    .Also, FMLA can they deny you, say youve just given birth or would it be safe/easier to go out on a medical FMLA?
  2. HazMatMan

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    Why would you give up 16 years full-time??? If your wife gives birth you get a week off with no pay, if you as a female give birth you get time off with no loss of seniority.
  3. Dirty Savage

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    What the hell man? Why don't you just go on paternity leave? Dude at my centre did that for a while.
  4. xkingx

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    its not all 16 years of F/T ..nowhere near it [= this is my 3rd and final kid..Ive been out on STD which has rolled over to LTD...Kind of sticky situation..DH has an offer of a better job claiming to get yearly pay of what we make...Im not trying to have both parents working 8-8, 5 days a week...I dont believe in having kids for others 2 raise..
    So, I basically want to test the waters before making the decision...Dont want to go blindly into what a company is supposively offering my husband..

    i tried the he be the Stay at home dad but I guess most men dont like the idea of their woman making more than them?!