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    A feeder driver in our district recently failed his random drug test. He was taken out of service and then terminated. In addition, this feeder driver failed a drug test about 9 years ago. They posted his job and I won the bid. My question is does he stand a chance to get his job back with the grievance procedure?
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    If he admits to a drug problem they will send him to rehab,if he doed not,he is history,your are considered dirty if you fail the test,however,it could be a medication he is taking.
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    If he failed the test and it wasn't medication then I think he should be gone for good. He shouldn't be able to get out of it by saying "I have a problem" after he has been busted. That should only be initiated before getting caught.

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    I failed to mention he tested positive for marijuana. His 2nd offense and he did the rehab stint on the first offense.
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    There was a feeder driver in our center a few years back who failed the random drug test for the same reasons and claimed that it was second hand smoke and ended up keeping his job with no disciplinary action taken against him, not sure how this happened but I did witness it for myself. All that I can figure is that the driver that got busted must have had something on the manager in charge to be able to make that go away so easily.
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    I had an employee put through rehab who also stated second hand smoke, but the level of marijuana was extremely high and he had a of cocaine in his system? Wonder how he got the second hand cocaine? Long term employee and lost his job. And his was an administrative employee - they have stress too
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    We can`t smoke marijuana ? :tongue_sm
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    Apparently not. I’m a professional driver, I know to pull over after 3 joints! :w00t:
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    You must be buying some dirt weed.
    If the driver didn't get the message the first time then he walked out on a tightrope without a net on the second one. Second hand smoke could be a defense, but it is an indicator of behavior. Everyone's personal life should be personal. When one brings their lifestyle to the work place then all bets are off.
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    The answer to your question can be muddled. I have heard of drivers' getting their job back under similar circumstance when protocal was not followed during the testing procedure. So a direct answer might be it is possible while not probable.
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    Second hand smoke? I was told by several doctors that the only way it even shows up on a test is if you smoked it. Second hand smoke doesn't show up at all.
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    Article 35 of the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement, Section 4.11 Discipline states:

    "There will also be a one (1) time rehabilitation opportunity for substance abuse."
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    In my opinion someone shouldn't be able to go to rehab if they only do so because they failed a drug test. They should only be aloud if they initiate it on their own.
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    No second chance.

    If you're caught doing illegal drugs, and [-]driving[/-] working for us, YOU'RE GONE!

    PC drivers should be tested too.

    Management also.

    My humble opinion.
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    You play, you pay. It's all about choices.

    So no doobies until you retire and obviously coveting thy
    neighbor's wife isn't wise either.
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    I'm actually against drug testing unless public safety is an issue. Its a free country and I think we are losing too may of our freedoms. As long as you don't come to work high then I don't have a problem with you. Besides, the legal drug alcohol is much more dangerous and much more likely to cause an accident than weed. You can smoke weed 14 days before a drug test and it can show positive even though it has no effect on your driving 14 days after you smoke it. I would support however, breath tests for everyone, every day. If you blow over the legal limit, you would be in my eyes a greater threat than testing positive for THC. I have a firend who drives for the Boston Globe and they breath test their drivers.
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    So no doobies until you retire and obviously coveting thy
    neighbor's wife isn't wise either.

    Easier said then done, have you seen my neighbors wife?