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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Baba gounj, Feb 6, 2009.

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    I wonder why the "Fairness Doctrine" only is aimed at Talk Radio. It doesn't address TV, internet, and newspapers. Air America failed because not enough people wanted to listen to it. I have a theory that talk radio became popular because conservatives had something to listen to will they WORKED. Not so with the liberal side. If Rush and others get shut down, they can just broadcast on TV or live stream on the net. This is simply censorship on the liberal's part, they want the American public to get even more uninformed than they already are.
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    If this farce of a bill is passed than the general public loses.
    I read somewhere that the female senator who is pushing this idea, her husband was involved with that failure Air America. It could seem that their objectives are not geared towards the public good, but strictly to eliminate any competition.
    The other media outlets are totally controlled by the left, which is being shown by their lack of viewership, just look at how many newspapers are going broke since they have stopped reporting the news and now just repeat press releases, check on the tv news and see that their ratings have dropped also. It has become a love affair with the left and their twisted morals.
    Freedom of the press was started as to be a balance against wasteful government . Removal of this source will turn most common folks into mindless sheep.
    That folks is what your current Democrat Party wants. They will decide for you every aspect of your life, from birth to death ,all your needs will come from them. All you have to do is keep them in power.
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    Hey Scratch, who sez at some point that it won't apply? Have you ever known gov't to recognize an out of bounds line when it comes to anything else in life? :happy-very: Therefore, why at some point should they only stop at talk radio. The dirty truth about this fairness doctrine idea is the only people wanting it are folks associated with the major political parties. Obviously democrats more that republicans but if talk radio was in reverse, I've no doubt where the hues and cries would be coming from for it.

    The independent left is equally against the fairness doctrine just because of the fear of the very overreach you spoke of. Once in place, the independent liberals know at some point the republican right will swing back into power and the safe haven of the internet or other forms of mass communication would no longer be safe and the precedent would have already been set.

    Just because someone calls themselves liberal doesn't mean they are always for overreaching gov't, a powerful democrat party or uncheck power for the democrats. At the same time, I've seen people on this website who call themselves republican and even conservative who have advocated for more gov't overreach and more unchecked power to their specific party brand so I guess it's all fair in love and war. It's also why I still maintain this 2 supposed sides are just 2 heads of the same monster that is out to screw us all as long as they benefit in wealth and power.

    It's ironic that in this potential fight over this issue that fans of conservative talk radio will have a very powerful ally who has been a very vocal critic of the Fariness Doctrine.


    Save Porgressive Radio Boston Yahoo Group (make sure you scroll down past the Cheney article and read the next post too)


    Once you get outside the beltway and outside the corridors of poltiical power and the reach of the 2 major political parties, the Fairness Doctrine has little support because of the potential of over reach from either side. If Washington and the democrat Congress does try to bring back the Fairness Doctrine which even Obama opposed (see wikipedia article on the Fairness doctrine) you are gonna see loads of left civil libertarians come forward and join the ranks of the right in opping such gov't over reach.


    BTW: I've actually listened to Rush more and more recently when I can. I mean it's great comedy and after hearing Rush all these past years lick the boots of big gov't/big spending republican power brokers, now that he no longer has high friends (uh no pun intended if you know what I mean) in high places of power, he's back trying to sell himself again as some type of Jeffersonian small gov't believer. It's just to much fun and good laughs to hear him now try and rebuild his conservative independence he once had. I'm not buying but I love watching trian wrecks anyway.
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    Purely an attack on our freedom of speech. What will these socialist pigs pull out of their hats next?
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    Under the old F.D. the only radio station to lose their license played Christian music.
    This new F.D. will be going after more than just Talk Radio.
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    You need bumper music for updating these petition numbers and over the weekend I heard this really cheesey music that just goes perfect for ya! The title and the perfect lyrical point is found in the bridge of the song!

    Europe - The Final Countdown

    What shocks me is that some people call this metal!
    :surprised: I knew there was Swiss cheese but never knew about Swedish! :happy-very:
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    It will pass with flying colors and the days of RUSH blowhard are numbered. They are numbered anyways as the right wing base seems to have abandoned the party and those on talk radio have lost their influence on americans with a brain anyways.

    Only those with a passion to be told what to say, what to do or what to think are staying loyal to the talking heads on talk radio.

    In other words, the empty skulls will continue to listen.

    Its a shame that current talk radios intention is to keep the country divided in the BUSH vs. them mentality.

    Those days are coming to an end. 8 years of total failure and the american public picking up the price tag for those failures is the reason americans REPLACED the republicans in washington.

    When the american public knows it was screwed, they know its time to support something different.

    CHANGE is happening. You may not like it, but its here and the weak, pathetic republicans still left in office cannot do anything to stop it.

    2010 will be D-DAY for those republicans still left making waves in washington.

    They will get the boot tooo! YAY! :happy-very:
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    I'm against any kind of cencorship so relax, keep your old school talk radio platform, I know it's therapy for "Ditto Heads" to reassure themselves that their right and everybody else is wrong.
    Libs/mods/indep's aren't clamoring for a voice on radio – they're staking out territory on the Internet, which they've effectively used not only to air grievances and ideas but to organize political action.

    But what do I know, I'm just the 800 pound mis-informed gorilla in the room...


    I'll be the first in line to have Rush lick my Harley boots.
    But hey, let him bellow all the hot air out of his orafices. To those not under his Bela Lugosi like trance, we see him for what he is, an entertaining BS artist and a master of brewing up controversy for his loyal "ditto heads" to keep their ears glued to the radio speaker. The funny part is, you don't want to be a Republican and be a blip on his radar. For example:
    When you have a Rep Senator calling Rush up an begging his forgiveness for criticizing and hurting his fat enormous ego after wishing failure for Pres Obama, it's obvious who the beacon of light in the party is and who calls the shots....Great material though....lol

    Anyway, great point Wkmac

    Let me guess, hmm....stuffed pork chops left over from the Bush/Cheney's Hell's kitchen.
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    Maybe Tossers head out of her colon. :happy-very:
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    People still believe in the first Admendant.
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    Yesterday going to work, I wasn't into music and the sports talk on ESPN radio was dull so I flipped the dial just to see what Rush was talking about at the time and boy was I in for a shock. I mean this rant was nothing like I'd ever heard Rush before and it was sad at the same time. Sure, I know Rush is bombastic entertainment but mixed in are some factoids about gov't worth exposing. I mean Rush can't be all bad if he's willing to quote and expound for his audience of the works of Robert Higgs and the folks at the Independent Institute. There was a time Rush really called for smaller gov't in and with a serious voice while still exaggerating himself in a humorous way. But yesterday dawned the real Rush Limbaugh. From the Lew Rockwell blogs, it's a rehash quote of what he said with some comment.


    The most stunning words of all from Rush were:

    A bit later, my friend Anthony Gregory who happens to be an analyst with the Independent Institute blogged this is response.


    And then lastly, this was blogged under the title "Rush and Leviathan"


    Rush over the years has been a master at using humor and irreverance at baiting his audience and then taking exaggeration to make a point. He's good at it and they don't call him the Godfather for nothing. He's clearly earned that title. I'm sure today he'll sit back with a good cuban fired up and chuckle to his audience and spin that ole' Ma Ha Rushie was just kidding around, just giving the dems a taste of themselves, etc. But yesterday for those few minutes, I have to say from a very stunned listener, I heard a Rush Limbaugh that I was shocked to realize does exist. And it's sad too!

    The sad part is prior to 1994', Rush was a voice for true small gov't and even Austrian style economics and he's far removed from the Rush Limbaugh who had the guts to echo the warnings about "jack booted gov't agents running amuck" but like anyone who gets to close and loyal to specific party politics, they in the end get corrupted too and become victims of the "body snatchers".

    RIP Rush Limbaugh!
  15. Jones

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    From his rant:

    "We will make sure that when companies lose money, that the people that get canned are union people."

    It's amazing to me that anyone who actually works for a living would give this clown the time of day.

    And mac, I gotta disagree with your assertion that he's really changed over the years. I think he's gotten richer, more media savvy, and gained a larger audience, but underneath all that he's the same person he's always been. A fat guy with a big mouth who figured out how to make an easy living by playing to people's prejudices telling them what they want to hear.
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    Seriously, Your point may be true as well. I just know early on Rush was far more independent minded as he held (or at least gave that impression) to very specific principles regardless of political party. That seemed to wain after the 1994' mid term elections and all but disappeared after 2000'.

    I see Rush now like a character in the cheesey late 80's sci fi movie "They Live" who knows the truth but because he's gained power, wealth and prestige, he dare not now point out the truth.

    IMO Rush proves Lord Acton true again.

    "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!"

    Most of those guys are anti-union anyway and to be honest in my perfect world I'm no fan of unions also. It's not that I'm against unions themselves because every individual has a right to choose that course if they desire and I defend that right but at the same time I'm against exclusive monopoly. Federal Law plus an agreement between the IBT and UPS grants the IBT exclusive rights to all collective bargaining and therefore my individual right to contract is made null and void. Now I know this and knew this as a pre-condition to my employ with UPS 28 years ago and accept this but my principle belief in a perfect world always opposes exclusinve monopoly no matter where it exists. Whether it be in the public realm of gov't or in the private realm of business.

    But we don't live in a perfect world so there you go! DANG IT!