Fathers DAY

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by toonertoo, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Thats a nice piece Tooner......that's one way of spending Father's Day, but some of us just wanna be left alone......No honey do's, no annoying relatives, no nothing. I wanna play with my tools in the garage, I wanna smoke a cigar in peace w/o someone telling me I smell like an ashtray, I wanna see how many beers I can drink before I break the ice, I wanna ride my motorcycle w/o my detachable windshield and saddlebags my honey makes me put on for all her STUFF, I wanna eat a big fat steak w/o hearing how many lbs of meat they pulled out of John Wayne's intestines, I wanna go the whole weekend w/o showering or changing my clothes...is that asking to much or am I being selffish ???.....:wink2:
    Happy Father's Day Dad's......However you spend the day...
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    Me too.....What he said!
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    Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!!
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    may the misses allow you to practice the act that earned your day.

    Happy Fathers Day Dads.
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    Thank you, Tooner

    Not a video...just a musical background for the daddy in all of you

    it doesn't have to be a factory...but you all have dreams for your children like your father had for you....AJ


    Allowing the tears dry in my eyes and fighting off more to flow...I offer my sympathy and unconditional support to all those looking at Father's Day without Daddy. This is my first and I am a blubbering fool.

    Daddy may want a day of do nothin bliss and that is okay.
    Know your dad well enough to make that do nothin day possible.

    My daddy would have been happy watching Fox News, puttering around the yard showing off his tomato plants and walking the dog in the woods along Lake Michigan.

    And I fondly look at the place my mother laid my daddy to rest...

    it is the Veteran's area, closest to the road, that leads directly across the street to the parking lot, in the park along Lake Michigan, my Daddy would walk his babies with out a leash.

    Even with Alz's setting in..Daddy would not have been lost. He could walk a straight line and there he would be...

    Daddy was buried and he took the ashes of Alfie (our first dog), Zee (my malamute that would talk to him), Maggie (his princess doggie) and Buddy (the cocker that lived his last years as king with daddy).

    I know his spirit is at rest, all dogs do go to heaven and the lake was his sanctuary. If I look hard enough, I can see his 1973 Dark Green four door Olds Delta 88 Royal parked and a man proudly wearing his ugly orange AFL CIO union hat with a Ronnie '84 pin stuck in the brim pouring water for the babies.

    I am sad...

    I listen to the words of this song a hundred times...

    This one is for you Daddy.

    This Old Man
    He worked for thirty years with
    Two strong hands, in the factory light his
    Lunch box held all his needs with
    Coffee sandwiches and dreams
    For Me

    This Old Man
    He taught me many times
    To understand, that showing love is simply
    Nothing you should have o hide
    Don't keep your feelings locked inside
    He said

    When I was young
    I dreamed a young man's dreams
    I saw in your eyes
    The things I'd never seen
    But now I grow old
    But I don't really mind
    Cause can't you see with my family
    We'll share these timeless memories
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    I think the song "Cats in a Cradle" puts it all in perspective for me.
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    I thought about that song.

    The discovery that you had no time for him and now he has no time for you....but it was sure nice talking to you Dad....sure nice talking to you...and as I hung up the phone it occurred to me ...

    Upstate...are you a daddy? I aplogize for not knowing if you had mentioned status in previous posts.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yup--I have 2 tax deductions.
  10. ajblakejr

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    I don't have kidlets.

    I hope your day is special and your kidlets are lucky to have you for a father. You have a great perspective on life and I am sure it extends to the kidllets.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Thanks. My kidlets are 24 (Megan) and 22 (David). Megan lives with what's his name in North Carolina and is a HS science teacher. David lives with me and is going to community college while he decides what he wants to be when he grows up. Yes, I am that old (but I make it look good.:wink2:)
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    From the mouth of a Daddy.....!!

    Daughters. We will always be your lil girls and the guys that love us will always be named, "What's his name... :wink2:"

    And the hardest day of your life could be the day you walk her down the aisle and hand her off to another "what's his name."

    And the most rewarding day of your life maybe the day your son hands his new born baby to you to hold. In that moment, when your eyes meet, all your father wisdom and protective skills are passed with a new understanding after all these years.
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    That's so nice aj, only none of it applies in my case. Unfortunatley I'm not a daddies girl, and nothing else applies to me. Only in the past few years have I been able to get along with my dad. It's sad, it's hard and it hurts too but that's the way it is.
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    I know this is a little after the fact but I was pretty busy (doing nothing) on Father's Day.

    Dies... I finally feel I can say I agree with you on ALMOST your entire sentiment. I guess the part I challenge is spending time alone.
    My kids drove 420 miles to be with their mom and me on Father's Day and that was the best gift of all!

    Both my boys birthdays are in June so Father's Day has always had a double punch for me. There are only two days a year that my wife and boys treat me like a king and this is one of them! I can do what I want, when I want and how I want with no lip from my better half! WOW! What a great gift!!!

    We had a special time set aside at my favorite resort for a Father's Day brunch. The champagne was flowing ... the food was exquisite and most of all the company was divine!

    Thank you Tooner for starting this thread and letting me reminisce.
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    You are welcome. I think the difference may be the age of the children. I think sometimes Dads want part of the day to do their own thing. But definetely dinner with Dad.
    And also I think you never know what you got til its gone.
    Im glad your kids "get it"
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    Lifer....Your Father's Day sounds like a winner indeed....:peaceful:
    When I say be left alone, I don't neccessarily mean spend the day solo, but more or less I dictate the itinerary for the day and any and all are welcome to join in ( but I don't believe my Honey and her daughters want to play with tools, smoke cigars, drink fancy beers, and tinker on the motorcycle in the garage:wink2:).....Of course at some point during the day, we all get together and enjoy good food, good spirits, and a good DVD ...Same rule applies for Mom on Mother's Day.....You could bet your bottom britches that if my son flew in from Nevada that would be the best gift as well...