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    after hearing that UPS is goning to take $100.oo week, every week for my seasonal 2 months there, for union initiation or whatever the frig it is, i am pretty sour on those brown clothed nazi's...after they rake that the hr rate goes to $12.oo hr

    i saw a posting for seasonal fed ex home delivery people..i saw that the hr rate was around $13.oo..plus i don't even have to shave my goatee...

    thoughts on the job?...and how i can take full advantage of them, before they take full advantage over me.
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    stay with UPS because after peak, you'll probably stay with the company if you're good ( get better benefits than with a sub-contractor of pseudo-FedEx)

    on the FedEx HD side, that's just through a temp agency & you know that Ground/ HD are really run by sub-contractors, right? after Xmas, some contractors will approach you to work for them (paid flat rate salary or by the stop, not by the hour)

    no paid sick days/ no paid holidays/ no OT pay after you're done with the temp agency... some contractors are starting to pay a holiday and some benefits, but it's no where close to UPS

    start reading threads on here and fedexaminer.com for more info
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    You'll make another poopy if you choose FedEx. Those "brown-clothed Nazis" make one hell of a lot more money than we do, plus they have an actual means of protecting themselves from predatory management called a union. The pittance you pay in dues will eventually come back to you big-time should you choose to make UPS a career. Don't even think of a career at FedEx in any of the divisions. Please don't be an idiot. Listen to HomeDelivery. FedEx sucks.
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    LOL. Yeah. Not to state the obvious, but Fedex sucks and you two are still there. Go figure.:happy-very:
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    yes, it sucks when in comparison to UPS of how the common worker bee is compensated

    but, since i'm in a state that is "at-will" and i'm mostly a stay at home guy taking care of my baby, I can afford to not work 10-14 hours a day to pseudo-fedex, which doesn't pay by the hour or OverTime.

    why do you think i ditch the contractors and go with Randstad every peak?
    to get paid by the hour,


    "no-accident" bonus pay between thanksgiving and Xmas,

    getting paid
    for delivery exceptions
    code 07s (no one home to sign for package/ can't indirectly deliver it to a neighbor),
    06s (package refused),
    11s (business closed on Saturday),
    Call Tag pickups

    EVERY driver that works for a contractor admits on speeding to shove their parcels out the door as fast as possible or not really do what's directed by the management (for example, filling out the doortags and slapping them on their door/mailbox- they'll just leave it on the box blank!) some haven't received a raise in years! a few just have a glazed look in their eyes & their attitude has changed... they know they're stuck in this dead-end job until the economy recovers.
    i get called back by contractors every year for the past 6 years after peak, so i know that i'll always have a job (this isn't a career like UPS).
    Since these contractors maintain their vehicles, I do not abuse the vehicles, like some drivers do.
    Since I have an automotive background as well, I also perform preventative maintenance for a fraction of what a shop wants, if they let me drive it to my house & I can do the oil change, brake pad change, interior detail/cleaning,etc.
    I will follow procedures so there won't be claims against them when a customer disputes a delivery.
    I love the independence of working alone out there on the road & providing better customer service than the regular driver of that route.
    I'll hang around until my latest baby is old enough for 1st grade, then i'll move on...
    back to the OP, go to the ups section of this site & verify if your hub/ teamster area requires you to pay for this or not; it seems it's not mandatory in some areas

    if it is, just work as directed, make good attendance, keep productive, but don't kill yourself in doing so & stay safe... this temp seasonal job is like an audition; you prove them that you're a hard worker & have a good attitude/ work ethic, they'll try to keep you after peak. That's how my lil brother got into UPS
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  6. i did a poopy

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    i'm really not interested in making a career at UPS. i'm 45 yrs old and there's no way i want to bust my hump working 50-60hrs a week at < half of what i use to make in my prior field . + my body won't allow it....and there's absolutly no way i'm going to let them onto my pocket for 100 week for the right to work there....fed ex can't be slave driven like ups..+ i won't shave my goatee for my wife,..i sure as hell won't shave it for those ups idiots.
  7. HomeDelivery

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    oh so you were going to be driving for UPS as well? and that area/hub you working for is mandatory to pay initiation fees from the start?

    the brown company still pay better than the Randstad temp agency of FedEx... either way it's going to be similar hours during peak, different colored package cars...

    as a temp, though, you'll probably be driving rental vehicles, which are worse than the standard stepvan you see normally on the roads.

    If you're fast and can shovel 20+ stops per hour, then going with a sub-contractor that pays per stop is better for you... since it's only ~$12.82 per hour for HD or Ground

    But, when the snow / ice hits the road, and your stops per road hour goes out the window, you'll wish you were working for UPS instead of a sub-contractor that doesn't pay you per hour/ overtime, paid vacations, sick days, etc...
  8. HomeDelivery

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    oh just use this for resume-building then, so many people are just biting-the-bullet & taking any job to fill the void in this economy. If the pay is less than what you're getting in Unemployment checks, I say keep on looking for a job within your chosen field

    Express is slave driven, like UPS; since they have strict deadlines to make

    but with HD, a contractor can adjust to what you want to deliver.... more packages you can handle per day = more money you make.

    As a temp driver though, they'll gauge you on what they think you can handle & will adjust daily. If your body isn't in shape for the constant running around for hours per day, I'm gonna guess that they'll use you for a bulk-stop or clean-up driver, which will be less hours depending on where you'll be going to... They'll also "trim" the slow people off first so after Xmas, you're done if you aren't that productive, or have mis-deliveries, or not paying attention to detail, etc...
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I think if I had to choose between a job that pays between $80-100K with benefits or keeping my goatee I would lose the goatee.

    You should call the union local--the $100/week doesn't sound right, especially just for a seasonal position.
  10. I would stay at UPS my friend. I assure that you are better off in the long run at UPS. If you bust your tail at UPS...you will be noticed and might just get lucky getting hired. I believe they hire 1 guy of the street per 4 within the company. If push came to shove. Go work at UPS for peak. If they don't hire you yet. Go work for some ground contractor until UPS calls you back.
  11. rod

    rod retired and happy

    are you really 45-----------------you sound more like 15.
  12. i did a poopy

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    you sound like an old school idiot that use to work for ups..you prolly still think hard will be be rewarded a well.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    You'll have to excuse Rod--he is a retiree who has been unable to move on. He still wears his browns to do yard work.
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    I worked three peak seasons as a driver at UPS before I got hired fulltime..The last season the union started taking money out of my check for initiation fees..I think at the time it was about three hundred dollars..I was hired fulltime and stayed ten years..After leaving I was credited with an extra year on my pension..So I got credit for either that last year as a temp or all three years not sure which it was but I'm sure that three hundred and then some will go back in my pocket when I start taking my pension...I know its a bite at first but if you choose to continue or they hire you back it will be worth it.
  15. Since he's unwilling to get rid of the goatee, his decision has already been made. Doesn't matter if the union took $o until seniority. (that's how it worked for me) That must be one hellofava chunk of hair.


    I wear my FedEx uniform t-shirts to do any work...why ruin my own clothes??
  17. HomeDelivery

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    I think the OP has jumped the gun when it came to those initiation fees with the UPS union... he didn't research it more like i suggested :dissapointed:

    even upstateNY also confirm that isn't right to withdraw that much money from a seasonal without getting your 30-60 days or whatever to be in the union

    ground is more similar for courier operations than with HD; HD is CAKE in comparison to those branches...

    after peak, it'll all depends if a contractor/corp. will hire him and pay hourly, OT, vacation, sick days, or other benefits enjoyed by EXPRESS or UPS (which they can't or they'll go out of business)

    after 22 packages of 07s 06s 11s and a few 03s this past saturday, i'm ready for hourly employment in Nov...:peaceful: