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    It's obvious that FedEx is concerned about social media. For quite awhile, they have had shills circulating amongst various sites using different usernames who try to deflect any criticism of the company. One is assigned here, but there have been others in the past.

    Officially, FedEx has a social media policy that attempts to dissuade employees from saying bad things about the company. However, as long as you state that you are expressing opinions, and not statements of fact on behalf of the company, there really isn't anything they can do.

    This is why you never should directly identify yourself on this or any other site, or provide explicit details (exact stop counts, station locations, etc.) that could allow them to easily identify you. Once you're known, you can be harassed and "disciplined", up to and including termination.

    For those of you that love FedEx, you have, the official FedEx site where criminally stupid employees profess their love and undying devotion to Fred and his wonderful company. They have an enormous interest in generating positive "news" about FedEx, whether it be happy employees, a green FedEx, or the latest Panda Transport Mission (PTM).

    My suggestion is that you bombard social media with the truth about this shathole. I'm about to have some extra time, and I'm finally going to start Twittering etc. and helping to spread the word.

    The problem with the truth is that it cannot be suppressed indefinitely. FedEx knows this, and is attempting countermeasures. They won't work. Let the world know how great Fred is. They will have Dano and their other manure-spreaders attempting to fight back, but that is expensive. Invest a few minutes of your time, and let the public know just how wonderful FedEx is, especially concerning their focus on profit over safety. The Orland tragedy has FedEx in the media crosshairs...pull the trigger.
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    Haven't heard from 59dans in a good while. I feel he would be happy to know the person you spoke of was leaving the company and those managers to be left on their own. Someone should text him and let him know another one is leaving. I'm sure he gets a good feeling when someone leaves because they're no longer happy.
  3. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. Maybe this will go better than your anti-FedEx website that, shall we say, didn't work at all.
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    I guess we can all be thankful that you will be limited to 140 characters.
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    Fedex and UPS take a lot of heat on Facebook, prior to that, there was no place to go vent in any sense as a customer that was centralized. To me, it seems like a mistake that they have a presence there. If they wanted that kind of feedback, years ago they could have setup forums and their main page but didn't want to hear it. So why is Facebook ok? To me it's a puzzler for many companies. Very odd policy differences between different .com sites of theirs.
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    I don't have time for a website. But since you're such a motivating factor, perhaps I'll retire and do one full-time.
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    Getting to know more about you in the forum, it is my sincere hope you have some semblance of a normal life outside of work. But I really can't see that as feasible. In all your posts. You're Faithless/Godless because you are not compensated in any way close to a UPS employee. Express is a heaping pile of crap that you have attached your whole life to and it's consuming you. The Owner is a criminal. The CEO's crooks, The management incompetent, and the employees rapidly turning over. Stocks are inflated, pensions are cut, benefits are crap. And there is no real wage progression to speak of anymore.

    Your whole life's work, a story of cuts and little things being taken from you little by little. The tragic tale of how Express was "the place to work for twenty years ago." And now it's nothing more than a heap of garbage that you and your family eat off of. Somehow, someway it's all because of Republicans. No possible way it could be seen from another perspective whatsoever. You and your sidekicks bemoaning that your capable of so much more, but yet no one dare make a move in the name of self preservation. Now after decades invested the only thing to look forward to in retirement is creating a twitter account bashing the garbage heap that sustained you your entire life. Their are literally thousands of people from Godless land's under the thumbs of tyrants that would gladly trade positions with you to get the handshake Express provides you.

    Please don't ever leave this forum, and when you do create a twitter account do not forget to give us all the handle so we can follow you. You can also tweet about blood pressure medicine, anti-depressants, binge drinking, and manic behavior. We owe it to you to keep an eye on you.
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    Thanks!! I'm actually quite happy outside FedEx and enjoy a wonderful family and friends. You can criticize me all day long, and I could really care less. I post on this forum to educate those just like you, who consume both Republican and Fred-flavored Kool-Aid. I hope you figure it out someday, but some cases are hopeless. Love you too!
  9. barnyard

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    There is no way that I could reply with the tact that the UPS peeps do on the UPS FB page. They take an incredible amount of flak and let it roll off their backs. I would be telling people to eff off on a regular basis.
  10. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    It requires less time than you spend here.

    How many times have you promised us that?

    Anyhow how do you plan to spend your first few retirement years?
  11. MrFedEx

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    If I do, you'll be right there under a different username defending FedEx.
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    FedEx is quite active is social media. You can post a tweet like "FedEx sucks they lost my package" and there were 7 employees at my last count that respond. Their names will be something like Fedexlisa and they provide twitter damage control. Try it.
  13. CJinx

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    Yeah, they do that on Facebook as well. They are about the same caliber folks you'd get if you called the 1-800 number.
  14. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    I'd never defend the company against legitimate complaints and I never have.
  15. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    It would be nice if FedEx were allowed to unload on a customer who goes nuts on social media and is in the wrong. It's only fair.
  16. MrFedEx

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  17. CJinx

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    pointing out the fallacies very rarely benefits the endgame goal of resolving the issue at hand. You make a customer feel stupid and they get :censored2: off. Better to shrug off the silliness and attack the root cause of whatever they're complaining about. Most of the customers who I have helped over the years just wanted to be heard, and they calmed down once they were able to tell their story.

    Most of them, anyway; the remainder make for great stories to share with your coworkers, preferably over a drink or three.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What could they possibly hope to gain from doing so?
  19. M I Indy

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    If I remember correctly, Management used shove "the customer is always right" slogan, of course little did I know back then in Ground/HD, Fed Ex was the customer. Doesn't this apply to Express also? I would think so, since all divisions are directed in no "unique" different way. "What is the benefit to bite the hand that feeds you" was another smug directive by managers to the "independents". Fair and Fed Ex don't belong in the same quote, just doesn't fit their "take it or just leave" position on everything.
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    So you became a contractor not understanding that you were contracted to service FedEx's customers?

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