FedEx driver killed in head on collision

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MDX91, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Prayers to the families,

    I thought it was a step van at first, but I was told it was a GMC cutaway van with a box. Either way someone was flying, the damage is insane, the combined speeds musta been high.
  3. The Driver

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    Very scary. So sad
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    We recently had a bad accident between an electrical service truck (same type of truck we drive) and A newer Chevy truck.

    The Chevy was going to rearend someone so he crossed the line before even looking to see if anyone was coming. 50 mph head on. The newer truck crumpled back about 3 feet. The cab was in perfect condition guy walked away. The service truck folded into the cab like a Cheap tent and the guy was airlifted away but survived thank goodness.
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    You guys would probably appeciate the stuff I see daily (I handle auto claims for the company I work for - my 9-5 job). I have pictures of a van that a guy ran into the end of a guard rail at about 70 mph. The rail actually speared the van. It shifted the engine to the left (snapped the motor mounts), came through the floor board, through the driver's side seat, and out the driver's side panel of the van. Interestingly, the driver was fine - didn't have his seat belt on, so when he initially hit the rail, it threw him up into the windshield. He came to rest on the guard rail after it speared the van. Crazy stuff. Pictures below. 16731715_1245634115472998_181834158_o.jpg 16734936_1245634118806331_1595513801_o.jpg 16763633_1245634108806332_1745674504_o.jpg 16776331_1245634112139665_1192673447_o.jpg 16776348_1245634105472999_90468818_o.jpg
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    I sure hope he said a prayer of thanks.
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    So if he had been wearing a set belt he’d be dead?
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    From the video there was nothing to obstruct a driver view. One or both of the drivers must have been distracted. Probably phone related.
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    Oddly enough, yep. Seatbelt would have held him in place at the time of impact which would have resulted in a really bad day for the driver.
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    Possibly, or perhaps a vehicle failure (tire blowout).....won't know until the investigation is done (which, I wouldn't be surprised if the results of which aren't made available to the public).
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    Sad to hear the passing of this Fedex driver. Jesus Christ is the only hope of resurrection and life. Love you brothers!
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    What we do everyday is dangerous. I can't imagine driving a feeder at night in bad weather. The crap in the back of the truck is just not worth getting injured over, less alone seriously hurt or killed.
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