FedEx drivers win $14.4 mln in pay row: L.A.Times

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    FedEx drivers win $14.4 mln in pay row: L.A.Times - Reuters

    A court-appointed official has awarded about 200 California drivers for FedEx Corp $14.4 million in a dispute over whether the package delivery company illegally classified them as independent contractors instead of employees, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    The award, which is for job-related expenses and interest, is about $9 million more than was awarded to the drivers by a trial court in 2005, the paper said, quoting lawyers of the drivers.
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    i hope the contractors all over the usa win their cases,whats the story with the irs not fining them,who is in freds pocket in the irs..
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    McCain and Fred Smith are long-time friends.
    Fred Smith ran the McCain for president kickoff investigation.
    Fred Smith is friends with many members of both parties but especially with Trent Lott, John McCain and other key Republicans.
    Conjecture is that Obama would actively support the unionization of FedEx.
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    i thought mccain was in bed with fred alright.why else was he protesting at dhl pulling out and angry at ups getting the business.
    it is terrible for the airborne staff to be losing their jobs but they cannot blame ups for that,blame it on should poach a few of the dhl sales reps and give us a bit more business
    i think we should poach mr fedex and make him a brownie (upser)
    good man mr fedex:happy-very:
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    Personally I don't want any of the DHL crap (employees) here at UPS.