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    Did you know if your parcel arrives even 60 seconds late beyond the guaranteed delivery time, you are due a FULL REFUND of the amount spent on the shipment? Many consumers and businesses don't know this. According to FedEx and UPS, around 10% of the 7.5 billion packages shipped annually, arrive late. That amounts to billions of dollars due to consumers and businesses which you are not rightfully getting.

    Fedups was developed to put a stop to this. Simply scan in your package's airway bill number, choose a carrier and submit. Fedups does the rest for you. Track the packages exact whereabouts throughout the delivery process and receive a push notification when your package arrives even one minute late. Simply touch a "Claim" button, and Fedups completes the claims process for you.

    Get the refund promised to you in three simple steps with Fedups
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    Oh yay.... Just what we need.
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    I may be wrong but I think that they would only be entitled to a refund of the difference between the level of service that they paid for and the level that they received.

    For example, a shipper who paid $30 to send a NDA envelope that we delivered late would receive a refund of the difference between the $30 and the $20 that it would have cost had it been sent NDA Saver.

    As I said, I may be wrong but I do believe that this is the revised refund policy.
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    Hey I have a joke for you...
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    Someone is selling an app for something you could already do for free.

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    I believe you are wrong.
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    No you ditnt!!!
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    10% seems high to me, I thought we were like 96+% on time
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    They'll say anything to drum up business...
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    FedEx pulling the numbers down?
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    2% Ups 8% Fed-Ex...
  13. upschuck

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    That would probably equal 4%
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    I would think for the majority you are right. But I bet you could easily argue the fact that if it didn't come at the commit time you needed it to, that it is useless to you.
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    This is from the UPS Tariff
    They refund all transportation charges(does not include ins, surcharges, and other fees unless you complain), not just the difference.
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    No :censored2:. If you have the tracking number. It's easy as can be.
  17. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Even if we were 90% on time 9% of that extra 10% would be covered in the fine print for no refund.
  18. upschuck

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    There is a lot of fine print.
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    App released 1-16-2016.
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    where's the app that shows customers how to put a number on their house/mailbox? which probably accounts for some of those late pieces

    It's a tricky process I know. You can't be bothered and inconvenienced to go to any hardware store, pick out your # that is more than 2cm in height, and shell out your life savings of $1.50. You poor thing you
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