Feeder driver involved in fatal accident

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brett636, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. brett636

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    This happened to a driver out of my building. It doesn't look like there was much he could do, but I'm sure that doesn't make it much easier.

  2. hypocrisy

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    Looks to me like he reacted properly, last thing you want to do is swerve. Probably scared the bejeezus out of him though. Tough break.
  3. raceanoncr

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    Very sad. Very scary.

    Faced this many times in my drives, especially in fog. People are so easily crossed up, alcohol or not, that it doesn't take much.

    Condolences for family of deceased and for family of UPS driver. They all will suffer for a long time.
  4. Covemastah

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    God ,,how bad was this !! I only hope UPS gets this poor feeder driver the long term help he will need. This sad event could of been any one of us so lets hope there is no jokes about this on the B.C .. Heart goes out th this guy !!
  5. brett636

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    This accident occured on a part of I-65 which curves as its headed downtown. Meridian street runs straight through the middle of downtown Indianapolis and that is where this minivan entered the highway. The driver really had no chance at avoiding this as by the time he saw the van it would have been too late.
  6. Indy Professor

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    Brett, I work out of your District and came thru Indy for several years and still do occasionally. It's a sad event when something like this happens. However, it's comforting to know that the equipment took such a massive impact and still managed to protect the driver. I hope he's doing all right with everything that comes with this type of accident.
    In my opinion, he saved somebody else's life. If that van had hit any other type of vehicle, I'm certain there would have been more fatalities.
    Tell him to hang in there.