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    I'm a feeder driver, and due to the weather I was told I was being re-routed, not cut. Do they have the right to do this? I was not sent to the destination that I bid on. Our local has an agreement that if your route is cut you may take the day off, go on call, or bump the low job for the day.
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    Work as directed. What's the big deal? Less hours?
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    How much do you like being in feeder? If you don't like it tell them to pound sand. You shouldn't be there long after that.
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    sounds kind of like what people have taken to calling "first world problems".

    In ups world that's feeder problems. Very minor compared to what the rest of us deal with.
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    Well, just what do you want to do? You say your route was not cut, just re-routed. What do you want the company to do? Can you or they change the weather? I'm not trying to be an arse here but what do you want?

    What if your bid destination had 12 inches of snow and your re-route had 80 degree temps? Would you be questioning? You want to have the day off so somebody ELSE can go through some issues?

    Did you make it OK? Did you lose some money? Did others call in with "snow flu". You want to be one of those?

    I guess I don't understand here. What do you want? One day of the week you got re-routed and you're questioning. You're questioning the weather, I guess. You expect the company to just sit on your loads because your turn-a-round is snowed in and they can deliver via a re-route?

    This happened to us a lot in my years there as a feeder driver. I never called in on a snow day. Most of the time, I welcomed a change of scenery, even if for just one day. And, around here anyway, I never lost money. There was always plenty for everybody.

    Again, I'm just asking, WHAT DO YOU WANT?
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    He wants to bitch and we are here to hear him vent.

    Rock on you fat butt feeder prima donna! :wink-very:

    Used butt so Rod would not be offended.
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    Unless you're looking for something a little more POSITIVE...
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    We'll bid on planned days and rarely see them sometimes. It's always something. Take your time and drive safe.
  9. Covemastah

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    I wished they cut my 390 mile route last week In a N.E Nor'Easter,but they didn't,I pulled up my Fat :censored2: feedah pants and just drove 35 to 40mph all nite (adjust to changing weather conditions) Almost made it back but they altered my rte and ran outah hours !! no harm ,,no foul !
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    Without reading your actual Feeder Work Rules language, it's hard to say but in my Local if they make a temporary re-route due to weather it would not trigger bumping as you describe. A re-route would assume you were taking/picking up your typical loads or MT's. Most of our drivers would probably prefer being re-routed to having their run cut.