Feeling the effects of war at home.

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upssb, Mar 25, 2003.

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    I rang a doorbell Monday. The customer came down to sign just as I was about to finish writing the info notice. He signed for the pkg and followed me out the door of the entry way onto the porch where he said this, "sorry I took so long to come down, my son is a marine in Iraq and I was kind of spooked by the doorbell ringing". I was rendered speechless. I just apologized for bothering him. True Story.
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    My delivery area is home to many military families. It really gets to me to see the wives working so hard to keep things together while daddy is gone. Monday I pulled up to a house with Dell delivery. A woman (in her 50s) was in the front yard cutting grass. I unloaded and walked up the driveway. The lady then told me that she didnt live at the house or know the owner. The woman had learned that the man of the house was in Iraq and she just wanted to do something to help out. She said she didnt know if she supported the war or not. What she does support are families. The war protesters could learn some lessons from this lady. I think my wife and I may cut a little grass this weekend.
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    A faceless number, when they state that 20 some are now dead. But they are daughters/sons/best friends. Keep them and their families in prayer!