Filing a grievance.

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    Why do people always say. "My steward won't file the grievance."

    Do certain locals or areas only allow stewards to file a grievance for the member?

    Here you just fill out the grievance and mail the unions copy to the local or drop it off.
  2. We fill out the grievance and hand it to the steward. If a steward isn't available we hand it to a supervisor to date and intitial, then hand it to a steward when one is available
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    Here we have show the violation first then file. Some say no violation show in the contract where violation occurred. Then at center hearing labor says no violation and move to next case.
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    Idk where to get the forms.

    But our stewards file for us
  5. 542thruNthru

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    Can you give me a example of show violation. I'm not understand what you mean.
  6. 542thruNthru

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    Go to your union hall and ask for some.
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    You as a union are 100% allowed to file a grievance. Just ask your rep for a form and if he doesn't provide it call your local hall or business agent .
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    Employee who cover reloaded complain that’s not my job to do irregs? My job assignment cover for Owen trucks load trucks route 99A, 100C, etc. not load Iregs in the trailer. Why do I have go do irregs? Sup says cause right now the front motor of the belt is broken. We getting rollers to put on the belt. Need you help with the irregs. Employee says I going to file! Sup says go ahead! Steward says so the motor broke. they wanted you here at irregs till rollers got set up. After rollers were set up did you go back to Owens trucks? Employee says yes. Steward says so you didn’t want to do irregs you wanted to get paid to wait till rollers are in place? Sups will say failure to work as directed and termination process begins. Steward says where did they violation occur
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    You don’t need a steward to file it for you here. I’ve walked in, had them initial and date it, with a copy handed to our steward, one to management. Turning it in to management doesn’t need to be argued about, giving them a copy and your steward a copy to file with the union. From that point at the next grievance hearing, they discuss the violation if any and the proper course of action.

    It’s the job of your BA to have your grievances heard at the local level, you and your stewards job is to file it correctly and timely. Some grievances can be handled by the steward, but 90% of ours are 9.5 violations/8 hour violations that the BA has to handle.
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    Why cant this union of ours just fill out the grievance for us and hand deliver our grievance checks the next day, after all these snowflakes just want their money now no need for a panel to decide what's what :raspberry-tounge:.
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    Our center you just fill it out give it to the steward he goes to the office gets them to sign it etc give you the copy and keeps one. Pretty simple and never had a issue. Guess all depends on the steward.
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    They might be available on line
    Do a search for (local #) grievance form.