Final Rule for Notification of Employee Rights

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Joe Nuno, Mar 19, 2012.

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    If you are an Express employee, you aren't covered by the National Labor Relations Act....

    You are covered under the Railway Labor Act - a completely different beast.

    If Express was under NLRA - it would've been unionized years ago.

    This is what the whole ruckus over the past 3 years has been about - getting Congress to remove Express' RLA classification and place it under NLRA rules as UPS is - thus "leveling the playing field" between the two companies and giving Express employees the ability to organize on a station by station basis instead of having to organize on a national level in one unified effort.
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    I am thankful that we are not under the National Railroad Labor Act, that's because we are FedEx Freight.
    I know this forum is for Express and Ground, but if we all stick together, we can make a change, we become a strong solidarity group.
    Let's stop this Greedy Frederick W. Smith and demand our fair share.
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    Joe Nuno; Check your mail!
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    Joe; Change your settings so you can receive messages...I have some Teamsters info that you may want to know about.
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    Teamsters are evil thugs who will beat you up in the parking lot if you don't give them your lunch money. My manager told me this, so it must be true. The RLA protects us from them.

    DOWNTRODDEN IN TEXAS Active Member's true. Managers never, EVER tell lies, just alternate truths from the 5th dimension of Freddom.
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    FedEx doesn't need to notify anyone about employee rights, because we have none. I think Lying/Deception 101 is a core requirement at MEM Management Training. The latest internal disaster is the shift premium takeaways because they can't even lie correctly. Watch for management to be sent to MEM for Re-Education in Propaganda and Lying Techniques. Kim Jong Il was going to be a guest instructor, but he died before Fred could get him over the pond. I don't think we have a corporate jet with the range to get to North Korea anyway.
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    Hmm, very interesting, you're right they will keep on lying, Reagan and Hitler said, if you keep on lying, by the seventh time, people will believe the propaganda.


    I would almost put money on Freddy having a department of "PM"s. A "PM" is a "Perception Manager" and what they do is manufacture the truth....and remember, the truth is what you make it, or in this case, want​ it to be.