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    I experienced my first 2 days of a driver after getting trainined for 4 day. It's extremely over whelming. My first day out myself, half way through the day I was already 2hours behind. Luckily my sup. came out and did my pickups and took about 15 stops off of me, if not i would have been out there till 9pm. The second day my sup. started me out and let me finish the route...
    The route is a huge i put on 160 miles, when your suppose to put on around 120. averaging 90-110stops. I made many mistakes, going past houses, delivering 1 package when resident having 2 (had togo back),
    The next day airs is what kills my time and also my pick ups.
    Im hoping I learn alot before it gets dark earlier, im out in the middle of no where and its going to be very dark.
    My biggest concern is that most of the drive ways are extremely long, to long to walk, being dark its going to make it very tricky to turn around at the top, another thing is if there cars and i have to back all the way down... oh no!!!!! For houses I can see i may just walk instead of driving in or back up. My backing as of right now is very shaky.... Espeically when starting to back into a driveway. I usually end up to far to left or right, im sure it get easier.
    any tips?
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  2. Thebrownstreak

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    Slow steady movements with the wheel. Just go slow. Get out and look if any doubt.
  3. iruhnman630

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    5 minutes walking is better than 35 minutes getting out of trouble, every time.
  4. User Name

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    Just take a deep breath and be safe. You have 30 days to make scratch so don't worry about it the first week. To me it sounds like they are helping you out and not turning a blind eye to your struggles. Drive the speed limit and try to look ahead for addresses. As you gain experience you will cut time and miles. Work on the methods they teach and area knowledge will come as you drive around for the next month. The biggest thing is be careful and don't get cought up in the numbers game.

    I never air drove and didn't have much experience with the diad and used up all my days to run scratch.
  5. iruhnman630

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    I wouldn't worry about numbers at all. Your 30 days will end after Thanksgiving and I doubt they will drop you during then just because you didn't run scratch.

    Truth is, many of us rarely run scratch.

    I don't envy you right now, especially if you are in the north where it will be snowing soon. Winter on the country routes absolutely sucks.
  6. cachsux

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    Stop trying to be fast. Slow down, be smooth in your actions and you`ll stop making mistakes and get things right the first time. Once that happens you`ll find that your farther ahead than you would be having to do things twice and correcting your mistakes.
  7. dilligaf

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    Took me 5 years to start running scratch on some rtes. The ones I don't run scratch on.......................... well they can 'beso mi culo'.
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    The first week or so by yourself is rough, we have all been there. You will find your pace. Use the camera, think before you back. Is it faster to walk it off or back in. Is there a safe turn around area? Look for low tree limbs, wires and basketball goals. You may learn a few people at your business stops may be a resi too. You can indirect those and save a few miles. You might ask the regular driver about any of those. Most important, BE SAFE! Driving 40mph down a residential street is very dangerous. Especially after school lets out. Kids come out of nowhere on nice days. Smile and be friendly to the customers, but keep it short. They understand we are in a hurry most of the time.

    I don't have a radio in my truck, it's too distracting. I am constantly thinking about my next few stops, what bulk I need to get out when and how far into my resis I can get before cutting off to make the pick ups.

    In a weeks time you will feel more comfortable with the route. It takes a little time. Good luck!
  9. dilligaf

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    I fixed it for ya! :happy-very:
  10. iruhnman630

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    One year?

    Heck it took me at least 3 to find my pace.
  11. instantK

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    Also I spend a lot of time in the back of the truck looking for packages, they seem to fall on the fall or are behind something, very frustrating
  12. Cactus

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    Takes at least 6 months to get up to snuff.

    Nobody is every really that good on their first few days out there.

    Don't worry about it too much and remember it all comes with time.
  13. iruhnman630

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    That will NEVER get better.

    Case in point: yesterday I ran a split car with 64 stops/90+ pkgs pald to the 1000 shelf. Those 64 stops which would normally come off by noon took until almost 1:30, and fortunately there were no little kids within earshot of all the naughty words flowing out of my frustrated mouth.
  14. iruhnman630

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    And I had a late air...I arrived at the stop and activated it at 10:28 but didn't find and scan the pkg until 10:37.
  15. instantK

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    I have about 2 weeks of extra hr of light, after 5pm its going to be dark, that means i have at least 1-2hours of delivering in the dark, its almost impossible to see anything, if i come to a long driveway i almost have to walk.... Even though most driveways have a decent turn around, but i heard after around 4:30-5, most people are home from work, meaning cars in way no place to turn around, having to back all the way down in the dark! not me!
  16. dilligaf

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    Read post #7. :wink2:
  17. cachsux

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    My thing was being in a hurry, clipping a curb, and dumping a shelf. Lots of time wasted putting it all back.
  18. DS

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    cach has the best advice yet.I bet it will take at least 2 months until you learn all the things that will make your days easier.
    I guess my best advice is to learn from your mistakes.After you get your airs off,
    take a few minutes to go through the truck(when possible) you will get to know the area after awhile,so sort all the small stuff
    in a way you will remember.You get to look for stuff like where it says 1 of 2 on the label,so you know there's(hopefully) a 2nd
    pkg for the same stop.Keep things where YOU like them.Info notices top right pocket,checks for COD's in left breast pocket or
    whatever makes you comfy.
    BTW "out there till 9 o'clock is not all that weird.You will have some days like that,albeit rarely.
    In closing ,listen to cach ,learn from your mistakes,don't give up,you will be fine.
  19. dilligaf

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    We had a rte bid about 3 weeks ago. The driver (runner/gunner) that got the bid came off his rte and thought he was going to go into the new rte and smoke it. He lasted less than 2 weeks before he went back to his old rte. He had been out every night, on the new rte, til 8, 9 and 10.
  20. instantK

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    I feel bad for having another driver help me, for example my sup. told me if i cant be back at the building by 7:30 i need to call another driver and have him come get my Air Pickups for me, im assuming the last thing another driver wants is to come out and help a noob out, you cant blame them, there tired and had a long day too and just want to be finished....

    all great info, thanks !

    Having said all this, Im not sure If i want to be a driver for the rest of my life but then again i dont know what i want, either way its a great experience and this is something great to have under my belt.
    Im ready for the challenge and try to learn as much as i can.