First heard of Layoffs in my building today

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pkg handler, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. pkg handler

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    ok so we finally heard some rumblings of layoffs in our building it seems. Today I over heard something about new hires and people with less then 1 year i believe will be getting laid off come next year sometime. I'm not sure how that goes with management and when layoffs will come there but where do you suppose it starts ? Another reason was that we are over staffed even this peak and are lending people out daily. We have to supposedly cut 7 people from our center .. which is about a 33% cut .. and that leaves us with the guys with the most seniority when the guys with less are a hell of a lot better

    - upper management ( cut the fat )
    - lower management ( p/t , f/t sups)
    - drivers
    - part time employees

  2. drewed

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    Depends on how your buildings set up, here we have roughly 15 employees for every pt sup, 3 pt sups for ever ft sup 3 or 4 ft sups to a manager
  3. pkg handler

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    ok let me see we are in a hub in a metro area ( 2 million est. population ) so we are a big building. We have I think 7 boxlines and 4 f/t supes for them and 1 f/t supe for the primary. There are in our center 3 supes per 1 f/ter and 2 supes per f/ter on two of the boxlines. We also have front half supervisors also that work from 11:30 -4 .

    I think they cut the front half supes and make the f/ters come in earlier ? could be a guess. each supe normally has about 1 boxline which is about 6 employees
  4. outamyway

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    At our building it will be hourlies gone wayyyyyy before any management or sups go. We already have way more part time sups than we need, hired to fix our mis load problem cause by LACK OF HOURLIES!!

    And the problem persists. Gee, I wonder why??.

    Our distric mangager HHHAAAATTES the union. So he couldn't care or less whether union members have jobs. Our union is :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:in weak here, if you didn't notice.

    Thanks Wayne and Tommy!!!

    Sorry for the rant, I've have a bad couple weeks.
  5. pkg handler

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    well if an abundance of p/t supes are the case then shouldn't they be on the short list ..? or if your div. managers hatred towards the union is the reason ..? I hope the p/t supes arent on the short list. I would have to go through all the trouble of finding another job , resumes.. etc ..the thing is I like my job alot must be the atmosphere here because it really is a good place to work . I have fun at my job . Not too many people can say that
  6. New Englander

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    Wow another layoff post! No way!
  7. pkg handler

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    o well .. this is the first i have heard it from around here... i think its just us cutting our really low seniority members out 3 months and less because we have about 8 guys in that area

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    How 'bout this for cutting the fat !!!

    Instead of a PT sup walking around with a clipboard doing nothing for that money. How about hiring another preloader on the boxline and distribute the work accordingly so everyone can have the trucks loaded by 815am.

    What's the sense of UPS paying someone who isn't allowed to touch a box anyways.

    With a system like I described, you can have 1 PT sup do 2 supervisor areas. With PAS, that should be easy.

    I would have said cut 2 PT sups, but we still need one to demonstrate how to load.
  9. mattwtrs

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    I was out for breakfast yesterday & all the metros were just leaving the center and it was after 9:10am. Last year the preload was wrapped by 8:25 and if the air was late it was shuttled out. Maybe the dispatch is down to allow for the later on road time.
  10. pkg handler

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    again another strong opinion here... but there isn't a day that goes by where i hold a clipboard and not touch a package its impossible there are days where im loading a full set of cars ( 4 ) and the steward and the business agent dont say a word . i touch and help load or sort everyday .. hasn't been a day since i turned to management that i haven't loaded or sorted in some way :happy-very:
  11. "United Parcel Service has reported that its revenue for the third quarter of 2008 was $13.11 billion, compared to $12.21 billion in the third quarter of 2007. The company has reported an operating profit of $1.63 billion in the third quarter of 2008, a decrease of 7%, compared to $1.71 billion in the third quarter of 2007."

    oh yeah....we're in dire straits :rolleyes:

    in the wake of every other company seemingly going belly up, who in their right mind is going to feel bad for big brown?
  12. feeder53

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    I believe UPS will do just fine now that the fuel prices are down. I do not see a lot of traffic, but everyone is down at this point. I hope UPS does well.
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