First "My Choice" Delivery

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by AKCoverMan, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Had my first My Choice delivery on Wednesday. Was working a split car that was running all over town; this stop turns out to be in an add to my car.. one of those where they add 30 stops all PALed to the last three inches of the 8000 shelf.

    Anyway I'm told in the morning that this package has a "window" of 1045-1445 and I need to make sure it's in the window and I am given a printout showing this same information.

    About 1230 my center manager sends me a text asking me if I have delivered the My Choice yet. Told him I could not see the 8000 shelf yet but assuming the package was in the pile back there it shouldn't be a problem to get it there by 1445. I delivered it at 1355.

    One thing I will say is the electronic signature worked really nice. This was an apartment where I would not have been able to DR. Most of time have to leave an infonote and then comeback next day to pick up SDN and deliver package. This one, screen pops right up and says "Electronic Signature Exists - You May DR the Package". Selecting YES takes you right to the DR screen.
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    Was this a send again from the previous day or was it the first attempt on this package?
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    Wow, 4 hour window. That's not bad!
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    agrees... our purple equivalent, called appointment delivery, has a 2 hour time window:sad-little: