FMLA through State Disability


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Hey guys, Im in a bit of a pickle here. My spouse is seriously ill and we have yet to find the cause. I was denied FMLA through UPS though I might qualify through my state disability insurance program for FMLA. I dont want to quit my job but I also need to take care of my family until we can get things figured out. Any options guys? By the way I was denied FMLA through UPS due to being just shy of the required hours.


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Part time

This is the contract language that covers part-timers.

"Additionally, any employee not covered above, that has worked for the Company for a minimum of thirty-six (36) months and accrued at least 625 paid hours during the past twelve (12) months is eligible for unpaid leave as set forth below, except that the amount of leave allowed will be computed at one half (1/2) of the time provided by the FMLA."

Sorry I can't help you with the rest.