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    people contact your congress reps ASAP and let them know if you are against these changes.
    I realize that many here aren't concerned with FMLA too much, " I won't ever need that". People you never know what can happen in the blink of an eye.
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    It would be nice if one of our more academically inclined members would compose a form letter that we, the members/visitors of BrownCafe, could download, print, sign and mail to our respective lawmakers.

    I'm just a dumb truckdriver or I would volunteer to write such a draft/brief.

    I think a mass mailing would have more effect then a few phone calls to the receptionist.
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    You are so very right. I never thought in a million years I would need it. Especially in our job, Its hard to get a day off when you need it, most times. The intermittent leave saves our butts. It saved mine. I took it last July, when my husband had a heart attack. I had to have peak day off to be with my husband for a procedure, it could not be delayed. I felt like crap to bow out on my team, when I had to take off. Management knew I had to have it, but of course were not happy, but understood. And guess what, they survived. Had I not been on FMLA, Lord only knows what I would have went through.
    I will see if I can get together a list of email/phone numbers, and a form letter, but it may take me some time. Im not very academic, just a dumb trucker too. If someone has this stuff and beats me to it, Yea!!!!!!!!, but it should be done.